“I know they (Georgia Tech) are really going to be up there.”

If this doesn’t immediately bring this to mind…

… somethin’ be wrong with you.

By the way, does it seem like Thompson’s coach is enjoying the visitation process even more than Thompson is?


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33 responses to ““I know they (Georgia Tech) are really going to be up there.”

  1. TennesseeDawg

    “And in each one of those big buildings, there’s a Georgia Tech graduate up in there making millions.”
    With a bunch of Georgia grads working for him. Amiright?


  2. DDD

    Did he see any actual Tech co-eds?


    • uglydawg

      Apparently not because he seemed to have a positive impression.


      • Debby Balcer

        My oldest daughter graduated from Tech with a chemical engineering degree. Take it from me there are some beautiful smart girls at Tech. My youngest got her Masters from UGA.


    • hassan

      Trick question. They don’t exist.


      • Deutschland Domiciliary Dog

        Not true! There are co-eds at Tech.

        My family was snorkeling in the Keys when a quartet of pasty nerds (three guys and one girl) boarded the boat. Turns out, they were all nats.

        You could tell which one was the girl, though. She was the only one who could grow a mustache.


    • Whiskeydawg

      They were all in their yellow and white issued burkas.


  3. Bulldog Joe

    They’ve got connections to Coca-Cola, AT&T and a lot of the big businesses in Atlanta”

    Yes they do. The locals call it “MARTA”.


    • Vinings Dawg

      Now that’s good. I’m sure PJ tells hime to “Enjoy the lovely campus, just don’t use your phone while walking around and carry a wad of ones in your pocket just in case you get bum rushed.”


  4. Careful Brad

    AJC: Is tech in your top 5?
    Thomson: Sure.
    AJC: What number?
    Thompson: 7

    AJC: We’ve got our headline!!!


  5. Thompson’s coach may be legit enthused about GT, but Thompson’s own quotes sound like what a girl tells a guy when she thinks he’s really nice, she values him as a friend, he’s gonna make some girl really happy but . . . no.


  6. “I had a good view of downtown from the campus.”

    no shit


  7. Dog in Fla

    The visit of young Trenton, the nation’s No. 1 football prospect, and his high school coach, Octavia Jones, caused a sense of disorientation and confusion in the face of an apparently meaningless or absurd world in the Tech Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts School of Modern Languages French Foreign Legion™®© Department especially when they realized that New Jersey and Geometry were not involved. CPJ was disgusted by that reaction calling it stupid although some said it was not lacking in facticity



    I wish the kid well myself.


  9. Anyone else sense the amount of wood Carvel’s sporting just thinking of the possibilities?


  10. Thompson is an important recruit, IMO. It’s time the top 5 players in the state that we want, which is most of them, sign with Georgia. And it’s up to Pruitt to make sure we don’t miss on this guy, seeing he’s everything we want in a player.

    Just thinking that this is our chance to take our recruiting to the top level, as well as our defense.


    • Ivey, you are right on. Thompson has to be the #1 guy on our board. If we sign the top 5-10 in-state players on the board in Butts-Mehre, we’ll be darn good year in and year out.


      • Yeah, a 5-star DT here, a 5-star OL there, and a 5-star LB over there, makes a difference.

        Over 4 years, you’re talking a dozen or so elite players. Until now, some of these top guys we never had a legitimate chance with. We were out of it early. Now’s the time to turn that around.


        • Will (the other one)

          When was the last time we got a 5-star OL, from GA? The last 5-star OL guy I can remember was Max Jean-Gilles, but he was from Miami. One of the Stinchcombs maybe, or has it been even longer than that?


          • IDK. I don’t think Georgia produces that many 5-star OL, but however many it is, we didn’t get any of them.

            IMO, we should go to California if we have to. If Georgia doesn’t have them, then go get them.


        • Dog in Fla

          “a 5-star DT here, a 5-star OL there, and a 5-star LB over there,’ and pretty soon you’re talking about some real money


  11. Spike

    Bless his heart.


  12. Coach Bobby Finstock

    I took my kid to a brand new skate park opening in Huntington Beach, CA last weekend. Ran into a guy who was wearing a GT hat and sweatshirt.

    “Hey, are you from Atlanta?” I asked.

    “Yeah!” he answered, friendly as can be.

    “Me too! But I’m a Bulldog.”

    “Oh,” he groaned as he shuffled away from me without another word.


    • Normaltown Mike

      That’s great.

      My cousin lived in Palo Alto a few years back and had a Georgia plate on front of car. One day a neighbor pointed to it and said “I went to Tech, we’re enemies” and walked away completely serious.


      • Tech people are just pathetic. They obsess about us 24x7x365.

        While 6:09 and 9:18 are fun to watch as the 600 section of Sanford empties before halftime, I enjoy the Tech games like this year where we take it away from them. Not good for the heart but great for the soul.