Brave Sir Mark

Um, about that Final Four presser

The NCAA needs a strong leader now more than ever, someone with vision and backbone. So far, President Mark Emmert hasn’t shown any signs of having either.

Had Emmert held his state of the union Thursday, as has been the norm for years, he would have been front and center on a day when little else was going on. He would have had the chance to change the conversation, or at least mount a vigorous defense of his organization.

Instead, he’s not speaking until Sunday morning, a time slot that guarantees no one will hear a word.

Y’all enjoy the game!



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2 responses to “Brave Sir Mark

  1. DawgPhan

    I love it. He is as shred as they come. He will get out of this NCAA gig and into a better one right before everything comes crashing down.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Planning for Stacey Osburn to lure Dennis Dodd to Sunday School day after tomorrow, Mark plans to study NSFW or Sunday Morning Talk Shows film of experts for pointers on how to mount a vigorous defense of his narcissism