At least he’s not fourteen.

Remember the days when Mark Richt was cautious and deliberative in offering scholarships, often to the point of being accused of waiting too long to jump in? Okay, forget that.

UGA was the first school to offer a football scholarship to MJ Webb, one of the state’s top high school freshmen.

… What was MJ’s reaction to the UGA offer “My mind was blown,” Webb said.

Yeah, well.

The real mindblower is that Webb isn’t even the first member of the class of 2017 to hold a Georgia offer.  He’s the fourth.


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5 responses to “At least he’s not fourteen.

  1. Another good sign, IMO, that the ship has found its course. For too long, and for no good reason, we’ve missed on the very top players in Georgia.


  2. The other Doug

    Is this a guaranteed spot or if he keeps it up he has a spot?


    • Unless something has recently changed, Georgia offers are, for lack of a better word, ‘real’. That is to say, the offer is trustworthy and can be counted upon as genuine.

      There are times when things change, and for whatever reason, we might back off on a kid. For example, if 4 QB’s are offered and two commit, then we tell the other two kids we are full. There are a number of other situations, and I’m no expert on our policy.

      So, “guaranteed” is a word I might not use. But the point is, to the best of my knowledge, Georgia is straightforward and up front with its offers.

      That we’re offering kids much earlier than under Garner, seems to me a sign of better organization, efficiency, and aggressiveness, and not an indication that we are throwing offers around that have little to nothing behind them, as some of our competitors do.


  3. JonDawg

    Considering his age, and my state-of-mind when I was that young, it doesn’t take much at all to “blow” one’s mind.. 🙂


  4. oh my God. We must get rid of Saban. This is all his fault!