Was a sunny day.

Boy, a little nice weather and Mark Richt is ready to wax poetic.

Georgia football coach Mark Richt seemed to be in a pretty good mood after his team’s second spring scrimmage Saturday morning in Sanford Stadium.

“Beautiful day, beautiful weather,” Richt said. “The dogwoods are blooming, red buds. The sun is shining. The leaves are turning green. It was a good day.”

Maybe that inspired the offense.

It was a good day for the offense, especially when you compare it to the mood offensive coordinator Mike Bobo was in after Thursday’s practice.

“The offense played way better than they did last scrimmage,” said defensive end Toby Johnson, who had three tackles.

Heavy rain hit during the first scrimmage a week earlier but this one was held under mostly sunny skies with temperatures hitting the lower 60s.

“We came out with a lot more passion and energy,” quarterback Hutson Mason said. “I don’t know if today the sun was out or what it was. Guys came ready to go and the offense definitely was much better than last Saturday.”

Enjoy it while you can, fellas.  Summer is coming.


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7 responses to “Was a sunny day.

  1. Aaron Davis has made things interesting. If there was ever any doubt that every defensive position is a wide-open, equal opportunity deal, there isn’t any more.

    All good, IMO.


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    Davis is a warrior and bright kid. Attending UGA on an academic scholly is no small feat. After suffering two knee surgeries in HS and missing a whole season it’s a real feel good story to see him catching some reps. Let’s hope he stays healthy.


    • Gosh, I didn’t know all that about Davis. Good for him, and good for us. I know one thing, we can use his brainpower back there. Very impressive. Hope he develops and gets on the field.


  3. Bulldog Joe

    Being the only program left without an IPF, one would think Georgia would be a better bad-weather team.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The improvement in the O clearly is only as a direct result of regression by the D. 🙂