“I don’t care about what the perception is.”

Except Mark Emmert does.

The NCAA trotted out the same stunt in San Diego at its convention in January. After Emmert’s countless public missteps, the organization surrounded him with Division II and Division III leaders in an attempt to take the focus off of Emmert. And perhaps the most hilarious sight on Sunday morning was the NCAA public relations staffers incessantly refreshing Twitter to see if their ploy worked.

When you’ve got Twitter, who needs leadership?


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  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    “If change is coming, it’s looking more and more like outside influences will prompt it instead of internal action.”



  2. Normaltown Mike



  3. Dog in Fla

    Shabazz on Plantation Life:

    UConn guard on unions: I go to bed ‘starving’


    Whereupon, Emmert texts Stacey Osborn to have some other underling Fed Ex (via Ground, not Air) some hardtack and surplus MREs to the starting guards on the UConn basketball team but only to the men’s team starting guards, not women’s team starting guards