Art imitates art.

It looks like Mark Richt is losing control over Tennessee’s recruiting.


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12 responses to “Art imitates art.

  1. Moe Pritchett

    Brian Gelfand ‏@BMGelfand 15h

    @LuxuryLife1K that’s pathetic UT straight up copied UGA. How second-rate, guess when you’re program is a dumpsterfire you’ll try anything


    2:29 PM – 9 Apr 2014 · Details
    …ah reckon so..

  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    First they got a dog…a hound dog…then they got hedges around they football field…then they went and got a Dooley….wtf next? Graduates who can read and write at the same time?

  3. Deutschland Domiciliary Dog

    One hundred thousand people in the stands and they still marry their cousins.

    • Macallanlover

      You almost HAVE to marry the person you are sitting next to for 4 hours in that stadium. Better like your surrounding fans because the seats are so close you have more intimate contact in one half than you do dancing to the last two songs in a Holiday Inn Lounge at closing time. Cousin, or not, you know those folks extremely well.

  4. godawg

    Maybe recruits are gonna start basing their decision on who sends the best portrait to them. Sorry Lisa but but we’re gonna have to get us an effin Rembrandt on staff.

  5. simpl_matter

    Either dude’s got a lazy eye or the artist does.