Name that caption, employment opportunities edition

“I think you’d make a great college head coach, Mr. Gruden.”

Ohhhhhhh… you thought they were talking about Aaron’s employment opportunities.

AM’s appearance on Gruden’s QB Camp is scheduled for tonight, by the way.  Based on the clip I saw yesterday, it looks like he’ll be breaking down some plays from last season.


UPDATE:  I take it this is a compliment.

I keed, I keed.


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14 responses to “Name that caption, employment opportunities edition

  1. Also tonight, Georgia baseball plays Tennessee in Foley. At 7, and televised by ESPN U.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Shout out to the Ice Dawgs who defeated the nerds 6-3 at the Civic Center. No gloves were shed and punches exchanged. It made parking crowded for us that attended the honors banquet but glad to see Georgia prevail. Long walk for me with the knee and ankle. Dammit. Kinda of high tech system to freeze a rink and reverse the process and thaw it so that the same space can be ready for a wedding with 1000 guests the following day. Savannah gal…. Athens only wants to serve your wedding party.


  2. mdcgtp

    Why does anyone think that Gruden would choose to be a college coach? The amount of money he earns from ESPN is significantly higher than he could make as a college coach at a small fraction of the hours. I completely understand the notion that he is a competitor which may eventually fuel a desire to coach again, but for the life of me, I don’t know why any sane human being that has the choice between being an NFL coach and a college coach would choose college.

    and Yes, I could contemplate all the reasons why one would prefer to coach in college (living in places like Athens or Austin or Madison, etc, ability to “out recruit” the competition, desire to work with young people/shape men), but if COACHING was my passion, I don’t know why anyone would want to put up with the crap these guys do (again I KNOW they are well paid) IF they could choose between NFL and college. I would find recruiting to be the single most awful pride swallowing exercise if I were a successful college coach. the notion of begging a 17 year old to play for my program (particularly if i was good coach) when I was 30-60 seems terrible.


  3. Doggoned

    Ask Spurrier. Wasn’t one of the big knocks on him in the pros the fact that he didn’t want to put in the required hours? I always thought that being a top pro coach takes unlimited hours.


  4. FarmerDawg

    Gruden: “Theirs beer in the cooler behind me.”

    Murray: “Are you sure we can have a cold one while we do this?”

    Gruden: “Trust me I coached in the NFL.”


  5. D.N. Nation

    “OK, Aaron, on this clip, you’ll see that Theus whiffs on a block, Penn Wagers is on the sideline receiving a giant sack with a dollar sign written on it, and one of your wide receivers falls into a giant hole that the Neyland Stadium groundskeepers have dug. What do you do here?”


  6. wnc dawg

    When does this air? I don’t see it on the tv listings for DirecTv.


  7. garageflowers

    Aaron’s show premiers on May 5 at 5:00 on ESPNU. Full schedule of showings at the bottom of this:


  8. Peteydawg

    Hey Sammy boy!


  9. 66DAWGnNC

    So Aaron; where can I learn to read a defense like that?


  10. Bulldog Joe

    “Aaron, let’s run through a few quick plays here so we can go hang out with Tirico at The Masters.”