Northwestern doesn’t really care if you can play football, young man.

All you need to know about Northwestern’s 55-page opus appealing the NLRB ruling is this one sentence on page twelve:

Contrary to the Regional Director’s findings, Northwestern scholarship football student-athletes are not “initially sought out, recruited and ultimately granted scholarships because of their athletic prowess on the football field.”

Hey, color me convinced.


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11 responses to “Northwestern doesn’t really care if you can play football, young man.

  1. simpl_matter

    I’d like to think the author was chuckling to himself as he wrote that bull-sized turd of a sentence.


  2. Monday Night Froetteur

    What disingenuous sheep-shit. Why do the schools feel the need to lie so much?


    • Dog in Fla

      Because it’s not a lie if you’re being paid to make somebody believe it’s true?

      “1. The Scholarship Football Student-Athletes Are Not “Hired” To
      Perform Services

      …yada yada…The University does not even scout them unless they have already demonstrated academic “prowess” in addition to their athletic talent. (Tr. 814-816, 1031-32,1163.)” p. 21


  3. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Have you watched NW play recently? Maybe there’s more truth in there than you’re willing to admit 🙂


    • In 2012, NW went 10-3, including a win over Mississippi State in the Gator Bowl.


      • Always Someone Else's Fault

        Deviations from the mean can and do occur. Their 2012 schedule didn’t hurt, either. B1G was bad even by their standards that year.

        But it is true that NW cannot recruit a kid exclusively on his football prowess. I know, that’s not the adverb they used.


        • Once they meet those minimum requirements though, what is Fitzgerald looking for but the best football players he can get? But no, their ability as football players isn’t the primary part of this equation.


  4. Hackerdog

    That’s right on par with Johnny Cochran’s famous Chewbacca defense.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    While if you thought long enough, you could come up with a scenario where the statement might be true, on its face it is a classic example of the kind of thinking that got them the union.

    There is no question academics are a consideration when recruiting for Northwestern, Vandy and Stanford oh and possibly Tech, but the deal is here is a five-star running back, can he get in school?


  6. I Wanna Red Cup

    How can any intelligent, objective person can read that heavy bs and defend the ncaa, any college, and impune a 18 yr old kid by saying: hey, he is getting a free education, blah blah blah is beyond me,


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    People pay lawyers to say things you have to practice three times in front of a mirror to say with . . . well, ya’ll know the rest.