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Life on the line

Weiszer draws our attention to a battle to watch at G-Day over the left guard spot on the offensive line, but I’m more interested in the curious incident as to the rest of the o-line Dawgs, because it’s starting to look like the other four positions are stabilizing.  As Weiszer puts it, Theus hasn’t budged at left tackle.  Andrews is the center.  Pyke seems to have grabbed the right guard job.  We’re not hearing much about anyone Houston is having to fight off at right tackle, either.

Given the significant turnover on the line, it would be nice, to say the least, if this season’s bunch emerged from spring practice.  The more time to work with each other building a rapport, the better.



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Art imitates art.

It looks like Mark Richt is losing control over Tennessee’s recruiting.


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She questioned, “whether the NCAA acted in accordance with its constitution and bylaws.”

Let’s face it –  so far, Mark Emmert is having a really crappy 2014.


UPDATE:  And here’s quite a quote from Coach Cal’s new book:

“The situation reminds me a little of the Soviet Union in its last years. It was still powerful. It could still hurt you. But you could see it crumbling, and it was just a matter of time before it either changed or ceased to exist…. The NCAA will soon have to reform itself or it will not remain the dominant force in college athletics.”


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Gettin’ the band back together

Numerous reports popping up that Josh Harvey-Clemons is headed to Louisville.

I wonder if he can play quarterba… never mind.


UPDATE:  This move’s got Woodrow’s blessing.

“He wants to stick with Coach Grantham and his defensive system,” Woodrow Clemons, the player’s grandfather, told InsideTheVille.com. “That Star position that he’s able to play safety and outside linebacker and cover the back coming out or able to rush the quarterback. We kind of like that.”


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