A lead, if you can keep it

You wanna know who’s at fault for Georgia Tech blowing a 20-point lead against the Dawgs last November?  Would you be surprised that the genius would be the first to tell you to look elsewhere for the answer?

… Yes, we’ve got to get better defensively. Last year in the Georgia game, if you break it down, ‘they made adjustments and shut you down after halftime.’ Well, not really. We scored a touchdown, missed a field goal, threw an interception, and got stopped once. We only had the ball four times. The kicker was that they scored every time. You can say that we should have scored more than once on offense, but that wasn’t the problem.

The triple option can never fail you.  Even when it’s missing 75% of the time.  Better step it up, Roof.



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  1. uglydawg

    I wonder if Mighty Casey used the excuse, “I wouldn’t have struck out if I’d have hit the ball”.

    Maybe DIF will write us a poem about “Mighty Genius”, “Nerdville”, etc.

    If only Georgia hadn’t “stopped” them, they’d have scored again. Truth is, Tech saw their best chance to finally steal one from a crippled and depleted Georgia team. Tech was sky-high, smelling the blood. Here was UGA with a QB starting his first game with a skeleton crew as his surrounding cast. The Jackets played over their heads for a half…and then Georgia got serious and “stopped” GT in the second half. It was really a beautiful thing…to watch Tech’s rose bud fall off the vine, just as it was about to open and change the whole world forever for the citizens of Nerdville. Paul Johnson is a Johnson. He was spotted twenty points and still lost..The man would do well to be humble about such failure…If only Georgia hadn’t stopped them, they’d have scored.
    (BTW, does an interception count as a stop?)


    • Dog in Fla

      Good idea. Here’s a Haiku to Tech evoking images of an imaginary world and it goes a little something like this:

      Mighty Genius
      A lead, if you can keep it
      Nerdville Boba Fett


  2. gastr1

    Well, let’s see…299 total yards in the first half, 157 in the second (pre-OT)…four scoring drives out of six in the first half, one scoring drive out of four in the second. Sounds about right to me. After all, they do a lot of math at Tech


  3. uglydawg

    Thank Goodness CPJ hasn’t held public office. Even with often dubious leadership, our Republic has lasted a whole lot longer than one half of a football game!


  4. We had a bogus penalty called on Theus for a cut block similar to what Tech does every play that called back a TD when we kicked a FG (although he didn’t need to cut). Even if they make their FG, we still win in regulation with the TD. The bottom line is they couldn’t beat us in a perfect situation and now surpassing the Drought is in reach.


  5. 81Dog

    I see Fish Fry’s point: He keeps sending in guaranteed touchdown plays, it’s just that his guys can’t execute. Plus, the defense (which it’s not like he’s responsible for THEM, right?) just couldn’t keep UGA from scoring. And that kicking team shanked one, too, no way he’s responsible for THAT, either. He’s just the guy in charge of the offense, and the offense is unstoppable, except when it gets stopped because of bad luck, bad execution (not his fault), the sun was in somebody’s eyes, the dog ate someone’s playbook, etc.

    He’s the flinty, doughy little gift that keeps on giving. Maybe we should start calling him “The Mustard Knight,” in honor of the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. He’s about as obstinate, and is enjoying the same kind of regular success against UGA as his namesake. Long may he protect the Nerd Castle, I say!


  6. DawgPhan

    25% of the time it works every time.


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    He should call Bobby Petrino for some advice on defenses that work well.

    Geniuses should stick together.


  8. AusDawg85

    Didn’t read the article…how did the part where he congratulated the Georgia team for making the right plays, calls and adjustments to beat his gnats go?


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    “You can say that we should have scored more than once on offense, but that wasn’t the problem.”

    Roof must be shaking his head – ‘I left Penn State to work for this asshole?!’


  10. Go Dawgs!

    Love how he managed to put some blame on the kicker, too. Come play for Paul Johnson! He needs more scapegoats!


    • uglydawg

      Wonder when he’ll start carrying around a couple of ball bearings in his pocket like Bogie did in “The Caine Mutiny:. (Great old book and movie..one of the best).


  11. Beer Money

    You know what’s amazing is that in tge years we were circling the drain with our last 2 defensive coordinators, Tech came in to the game with its best chance to win the game since O’Leary left. And both times we did just enough to shit all over their chances with 2 clowns running the D.

    If you are Tech, you have to wonder if/when it will ever happen. And I love it. Only idiots want to cancel the Tech series. Shattering their dreams is as much a Thanksgiving tradition as in-laws, Black Friday tramplings, and indigestion.


  12. Bulldog Joe

    And I thought WE were pigheaded.


  13. Mike Cooley

    Paul Johnson missed his calling worki g for the Obama administration. Failures are really successes etc.


  14. Barry Levine

    My GTU Haiku:

    Paul Johnson, genius.
    Keeps triple option offense.
    Guarantees defeat.


  15. Coondawg

    Why has there not been a Lexicon made of this? I feel cheated. When the Johnson waxes delusional we have to immortalize it…. its like a rule or something.