Name that caption: spring game, Urnge edition

I apologize to your retinas.

Keep the child abuse jokes to a minimum. If you can.


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31 responses to “Name that caption: spring game, Urnge edition

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Opportunity is Nowhere

  2. Timphd

    The worst part is they think they look good.

  3. AusDawg85

    Worse yet, there is a store that sells all that s**t.

  4. Dboy

    It appears that Harry and Lloyd from dumb and dumber have found a 3rd member to attend swanky parties with.

  5. Red Dawg

    …….and you thought your childhood was “troubled”

  6. ScoutDawg

    Thought they got rid of the ‘Urnge Pride. Is that Lacey Pearl Earps?

  7. Cousin Eddie

    I’m disappointed, he is drinking a coke. Shouldn’t it be a Fanta Orange, just totally ruins the image.

    And is it just me or does the wife have that fake smile like, ” I can’t believe I am doing this for new linoleum in the double wide.”

    • pantslesspatdye

      It definately ruins the color scheme, but I am pretty sure it is functionally being used as a spit cup.

      The little lady is disappointing; her outfit has no passion.

  8. Mdcgtp

    My Mama told me, “Stupid is as stupid does”

  9. Bard Parker

    Remember, kids the internet is forever.

  10. heyberto

    Accessorizing with Dooley’s hand me down’s.

  11. fetch

    Tennessee’s bagman . . .hiding in plain sight.

  12. AusDawg85

    Peyton Manning and family visit during T-Day.

  13. Daniel Simpson Day

    Dumb & Dumber with their boiz, Walker and Texas Ranger.

  14. 81Dog

    Pimpin’ ain’t easy.

    as usual, UT fans display lots of class. It’s just all low.

  15. Reservoir Dawg

    Pimps up, ho’s down
    Big Urnge rednecks goin’ to town…

  16. Spike

    There is just no accounting for taste.

  17. uglydawg

    .The only thing the color orange looks good on is an orange.

  18. Jack Klompus

    That’s one way for the Kiffens to get back into good graces with the UT fan base.

  19. americusdawg

    “Hustle (far left) and Flow(far right)”

  20. fatman48


  21. dawg3fan4

    Child abuse is no joke, as evidenced by that picture it is very real.

  22. ThetaDog

    The circus is in town!

  23. Skeeter

    “She’d better have my money,
    Through rain, sleet, or snow,
    my ho better have my money.

    Not half, not some,
    but all my cash.”

  24. Bulldog Joe

    “At a young age, Elton discovers he is gay.”

  25. BMan

    Adventures in Clausen-sitting.

  26. Charles

    “Is Kenny Chesney gonna have to choke a b*tch?”

  27. Normaltown Mike

    Atlanta vice unit has an APB for this family of “players” that are working Metropolitan Avenue.

  28. fetch

    Is pimpin’ easier or harder in a state where none of the women have teeth?