“Sometimes they may know what to do, but they’re second-guessing themselves.”

A little pre-G-Day perspective for you guys:  do I really need to say more about Louisville’s spring game than this?

The offense piled up 951 yards and 11 touchdowns in the first exhibition appearance of coach Bobby Petrino’s second regime, showing off an abundance of weapons in the receiving and running back corps.

Well, yeah.  It could have been worse.

Gardner completed eight passes for 20 or more yards and would have had a ninth if a 66-yard bullet to Parker wasn’t called back for an illegal-formation penalty.

Neither Grantham nor his towel were available for comment.


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15 responses to ““Sometimes they may know what to do, but they’re second-guessing themselves.”

  1. Timphd

    “They were beaten multiple times over the top or down the seems”. Deja vu.


  2. Free the towel!…………..and evidently Michael Dyer has found a new home. Who’da guessed?


  3. siskey

    “The secondary needs help.”


  4. Godspeed and caveat emptor, motherfuckers.


  5. Hands down the best quote in that article:

    “When guys are wide open, you can’t miss them,” Gardner said.

    Amen brother, all UGA fans agree.


  6. Interesting sidenote though, remember after Petrino was fired from Arkansas, and we started seeing quotes about how Petrino would actually get mad at defenders when they made big plays on defense? We were all a little skeptical, I mean who would intentionally handicap their defense? Then there’s this in the linked article:

    “Petrino pointed out that the game’s format prohibited the defense from pressuring the quarterback in certain situations…….”

    I didn’t watch but I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that “certain situations” equated to “obvious passing situations”. I understand limiting to touch football against the QB, but not even allowing a pass rush? But then, Bobby P’s philosophy has always been about outscoring the opponent, his teams have never been known for defense.


    • point of clarity in my first paragraph above, Petrino supposedly would get mad at defenders when they made big plays on defense “during practice”. I doubt he got upset at them for doing it during games. 🙂


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        He did not notice big plays on defense except in practice.


        • Lrgk9

          Being an IT guy , have felt Grantham’s schemes are akin to what we describe as spaghetti code. Understandable to author but a PITA to everybody else and when you have to modify quickly under stress – a spidery web, a tangled thread, kind of like hash browns scattered, covered, smothered, chunked , topped, and blanketed with ketchup.


  7. Red Dawg

    Hey Louisville thanks for hiring that below average, at best, coach away from us, we instantly got better and you my friends instantly got confused, at least on D


  8. Macallanlover

    Here is a perfect example of where the Spring Game can be very illuminating, you have been forewarned Cardinal fans. Just give him 3-4 years to get the right personnel, be patient, what do you expect for a million per year?