Their problem was they didn’t love the game enough.

I mean, it’s either that or these ladies were victims of a preemptive strike against unionization, right?

The circumstances of each departure also make it difficult for the three athletes to transfer and play immediately. The NCAA’s “run off” waiver requires that the athlete not have an opportunity to participate for reasons outside the athlete’s control. That would preclude Davis and Barger from getting the waiver. The waiver is also based on the opportunity to participate rather than the scholarship. Hvisdak’s scholarship was not renewed but she was offered a walk-on spot, which means she had an opportunity to participate. In cases where a new coach comes in and wants their own players, the least they can do is facilitate an easier transfer to another institution.

The system, working.


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  1. hot12dog

    That is exactly what i would call the players at Northwestern LADYS!