Life begins at forty.

We gots us another bowl game.

The American Athletic and Sun Belt conferences will participate in a new bowl game in Orlando, Fla., in 2015, sources said Tuesday.

The addition of the game — it will be called the Cure Bowl and benefit breast cancer-related charities — will increase the number of bowls in 2015 to a record 40, although that includes the College Football Playoff title game, so only 78 bowl teams will be needed.

They still need a TV deal, so that explains the delay into 2015, but I doubt that remains a hold up for too long.

And to think there were twelve less bowls just a decade ago.  Between teams jumping up to D-1 and playoff expansion, don’t expect that trend to stop any time soon.



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14 responses to “Life begins at forty.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Nothing like a Tulane v. Arkansas St game to get your blood pumping.


  2. Will the home team wear pink jerseys and the road team pink pants? That would be the only thing to make this game watchable.


  3. DawgByte

    ESPN is also reporting Al Gore is sponsoring a new post season game called the Global Warming Bowl. He will be replacing all the stadium lights with heat lamps and at half-time will show “An Inconvenient Truth”.


  4. MurphDawg

    It’s a struggle now to find bowl eligible teams without granting waivers for 5-7 seasons. How does adding more bowls make the postseason play anything special. They should be cutting bowls to actually make that time of year meaningful. Just another step toward destroying what made college football special, IMO.


    • Bowls are exhibition games, for the most part. By their nature, they’re not meaningful.

      And it’s not as if we’ve got a lot of other things to do on an otherwise crappy night in mid-December than to turn on the TV and watch one.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        MurphDawg’s right. It cheapens all the bowls when 5-7 teams are playing in any bowl. The bowl season is supposed to be a reward for a successful season. Now it’s about money and getting more practice time to get ready for the next year. Everything people said on this blog (including you Blutarsky) about cheapening college basketball by expanding the NCAA Tournament field goes double here.


        • Oh, bullshit. Unlike the national title games, these bowls have no meaning. They’re exhibition games only. Comparing them to an early round national playoff game (March Madness) is apples/oranges.


        • reipar

          An expanded playoff cheapens the regular season as everyone gets in and therefore has a chance to win it all. If two teams each go 0-12 and play each other in a bowl game it does not cheapen the regular season as those teams are playing in a meaningless bowl game and have no chance to compete for or win the MNC.


  5. reipar

    There are too many bowls….and those damn kids are on the lawn again….grumble grumble.



    I don’t see why this bothers anyone. For the most part, only 2-3 Bowls were EVER meaningful in the scheme of a being a Champion.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Maybe teams can start going to two bowl games every year.


  8. SouthGaDawg

    Man, you guys sound like a bunch of ESPN talking heads on one of their idiot shows. What’s wrong with another bowl game in the middle of the week in December? What else are you going to watch – the Alaskan Shootout Tourney or some sitcom rerun? I’m not sure about the AAC, but I do know 2 Sunbelt teams went to bowl games last year and both won. With App. St. and Georgia Southern joining, more power to ’em.