Next time you’re in Athens…

Andy Staples speculates on what schools could bring to the training table now that the NCAA isn’t holding anyone back on what they can fill the feeding troughs with.

He’s sure got Athens nailed.

Georgia: While Latin food isn’t the first thing that comes to mind in Athens, the crew at Cali N Tito’s could walk ample quantities of skirt steak and fried plantains to the nearby Butts-Mehre football complex. Also, with service inside the building, Mark Richt wouldn’t have to worry about his players getting tempted by the beer from the gas station next door, or distracted by the sundresses on the premises of Cali N Titos…

Sounds like a man who’s been to the Classic City more than a few times.

I’ll know who to blame if the line at Cali’s is longer the next time I’m there.


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47 responses to “Next time you’re in Athens…

  1. Staples seems like a nice guy, but every time I read something he writes my first thought is always, “would SI have let him be an intern during its heyday?” He seems like a SB Nation writer who somehow works for SI.

    And the absence of a Hugh Acheson mention is egregious.

  2. No beer served at the Kangaroo. Too close to Barrow Elem.

  3. Tim

    God I miss Athens.

  4. Ginny

    The line is always long there. But so worth the wait. Athens sure has changed since I was there. This makes me sad:

  5. Russ

    Who let the gator (Staples) into Athens?

  6. Spike

    I miss Bubbers.

  7. AthensHomerDawg

    Farmers Hardware where you bought stuff to fix up up you apartment is now a condo. B&F Associates was across the street-gone. Cofers Feed and Seed was next to a place called the Chameleon that showed foreign films and sold sub sandwiches. I saw 7 Samurai there. ACE- Athenians for Clean Energy held meetings there. The Flea market had it going on and had a nice seafood place. When my future wife could get away from Augusta we ate there. Parked my Kawaski 500 on the sidewalk. Who remembers the original home of the Grill and the man who brought NY style pizza to Athens. He would later take his entrapreneurial skill set to Buckhead only to crash and burn and die there. Shame. 5 Star Day would try and make a go of a cafe at the ole Grill location.
    Both sons were born in Athens. Athens Regional. I cut the cord. My bride did the heavy lifting. Do they still let you do that—cut the cord? Both sons UGa students. One has graduated and is now a future MD and the other about to become a future LawDawg class of 2017.
    When one was asked in class why he attended UGA after living in Athens all his life he responded with: And why are you here? And without waiting for a response. Stated: Exactly.
    Athens Georgia. The Classic City.

    • Bulldog Joe

      Bob Russo – got the city to change its ordinances to allow bars and restaurants to expand to the sidewalks. Helped to transform downtown after half the merchants left for Georgia Square Mall and he never got the credit for it. The remaining merchants were against it.

      Sad the way his life ended.

  8. Irishdawg

    Gyland’s, Gus Garcia’s and Harry Bissett’s were all regular haunts of mine that are gone now. The deepest cut was when I came back from the Army and that sandwich shop downtown was replaced by a damn Starbucks.

  9. Spike

    The Fifth Quarter. Papa Joes…. ( Sounds of Spike crying uncontrollably..)

  10. AthensHomerDawg

    Surprised this hasn’t come up… my boys ate many a hot dog and played many a game of space invaders and pool on a summer Saturday afternoon.

  11. thesadpunk

    Remember when Rocky’s was Chow Goldstein’s? And when Schlotzsky’s and The Grill swapped places? Also, Takee Outee!

    • AthensHomerDawg

      How many people have had lunch at both Varsity’s?
      The Varsity has been serving our world famous chilidogs in Athens for 74 years. First at 101 College Avenue in downtown Athens and later at the Varsity located at Milledge and Broad Street. The downtown location, opened in 1932, was across from the University of Georgia. For 40 years The Varsity at 101 College Avenue in downtown Athens was a vital part of the Athens scene, until Mr. Gordy made the decision to close the location and concentrate on his new Athens location which he opened in 1963.

      • Normaltown Mike

        If you know a coed from the 40’s they’ll tell you the standing rule was “no girls allowed in the Varsity” back in that day.

      • Doggoned

        I’ll always remember the Varsity (College Ave.) chili dog as a prereq for a UGA football game.

  12. Sh3rl0ck

    I miss Wilson’s Soul Food Kitchen Inc.

    • I really wish I knew how to do pie crust like she did. Wilson’s was so much better than Weaver’s (though Chonnell’s is best of the bunch).

      • AthensHomerDawg

        Crisco. Guy that ran the Biscuit Barn “Home of the Cat Head Biscuit” said so.

        “If your attitude is not right, no matter how good you cook, it’s still not going to be right. It has to be homey-based, and that’s the way we’re trying to keep it. If you’ve got a problem and you come in here, I want you happy by the time you leave here—forget all about your problems and cares.” ~ Angelish Wilson

        • stuckinred

          Thrasher’s at Boulevard and Hiawasssee had Cat Head Biscuit’s and is now home to White Tiger. Great BBQ.

  13. I Wanna Red Cup

    Don’t forget Steverinos and Coopers. Nice fish bowls of beer at Coopers.

  14. Reservoir Dawg

    Walter & Ralph’s fresh fried hawg skin with hot sauce. Little Bob’s Cheesesteaks at 5 Pts. Blanch’s midnight omelettes. Big Sky and his magic bus at the 5th Quarter. Allen’s greaseburgers with a cold PBR. Man, oh, man.

  15. stuckinred

    Cal n Tito’s is good but when they moved from Pollo Loco on Prince they didn’t keep the chicken rotisserie or the little roasted corn appetizer with the green sauce!

  16. stuckinred

    I ate at the Taste of Home Cafe in the Tate Center addition (you know, where we played hoops in funky Stegman) and it was great. Mac n Cheese, Pecan Sweet Potatoes, Mustard Greens and a Cornbread muffin for $6! Also Snelling is open 24 hrs.

  17. Doggoned

    Anybody ever eat at the Swamp Guinea? I guess it must be long gone, too.

  18. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Not downtown, but I miss DaVinci’s stuffed pizza … my wasteline doesn’t miss it though.

  19. No one has mentioned Herbie’s yet, so I’ll show my old late night eatery owning neighbor some love. That man could cook.