Time will tell.

I know I’m whaling away on a certain deceased thoroughbred again, but damn if they don’t keep pulling me back in.

I doubt Fox was shy in letting B-M know that his recruiting was tied to his contract situation, so what was the point of McGarity’s Hamlet act, exactly?  Maybe recruiting isn’t that important to him?  Yeah, that must be it.  Oh, wait.

“We need to recruit at a very high level, because you have to continually kind of restock every year,” McGarity said. “That’s a very important point, and we did talk about that as well as other things. But needless to say sometimes that is the elephant in the room. We realize what needs to be done.”

Riiiight.  I have no idea what’s going on there.  I doubt I will if the time ever comes when something needs to be done about the head football coach, either.



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  1. AthensHomerDawg

    Despite the “youthful sports intellectuals” who know FOX CAN COACH…. he ain’t winning. We are left with ….0. Apparently McGarity is happy with it.


    • Anon

      We won 20 games this year for only like the 10th time ever, a year after losing the SEC POY. Fox did us in with his rotation toying in the non inference season, but this team was pretty good and loses only one Sr, to be replaced with a Freshman big we beat out Mich St and Indiana for.

      If our backcourt keeps progressing like you’d thik they should, this will be a tournament team next year.

      We have offseason momentum that we’ve never had before.


      • AthensHomerDawg

        OK but before this happened:
        2008 Georgia 66–57 Arkansas Sundiata Gaines, UGA Georgia Dome/Alexander Memorial Coliseum[5][6] (Atlanta, GA)
        You have to go back to the only time it happened and that was 1983. Fox is a place holder … no one else out there. UT just lost their basketball HC. Fox makes 1.7 million dollars a year? The kid that knocked Fox off makes 1.2 million dollars less. Pay the man????? The kid with “the Crayon” makes 1 million dollars less than Fox. Damn the FOX is in the hen house. Bobo’s agent has a crayon. Fox agent has a HP financial calculator and McGarity has his head in the sand.
        and basketball doesn’t matter at the University of Georgia.


        • Doggoned

          …”and basketball doesn’t matter at the University of Georgia.”
          Watching from afar for lo these many years, it’s hard to argue with that opinion. Who was our last memorable coach (forget Harrick, please) — Hugh Durham?


        • What does that fluke have to do with now, or his paycheck have to do with his product on the floor? If you can’t see the hole Fox has been digging out of, or the work he’s put into to getting out of it, no one can help you. But keep bringing up some weather assisted fluke for a joke of a coach (notice how no one has hired him to coach anything since)?


  2. sectionzalum

    “certain deceased thoroughbred”

    damn funny


  3. TennesseeDawg

    “because you have to continually kind of restock every year…”


  4. ScoutDawg

    Yeay. because we don’t care about money.


  5. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Have the terms of the new contract been made public yet?

    I know a number of UGA basketball fans thought that if Fox was going to receive an extension, the buyout for his contract should be lowered (thereby making it easier for UGA to fire him if need be). If McGarity was thinking the same way, it could have been a sticking point in negotiations and held up the announcement of an extension.


  6. Otto

    I like the move, it takes time facilities, and stability at HC to turn around a program. S. Caroline football had facilities on par with anyone in the SEC when Spurrier showed up but it took what 4 year to get in the discussion for SEC East division wins and since then they have regularly been in the top 2 in division. Basketball is still distantly behind Football and Baseball for my interest level but this is good news in my opinion.