One tough cookie

Well, if this isn’t the capper:

He [Denny Murray, Aaron’s dad] also told me that Murray was hurt a lot worse than people thought in that 2010 game against Auburn in which Nick Fairley was allowed to unleash a personal assault. Murray actually left that game with a broken sternum, in addition to shoulder and knee injuries. [Emphasis added.]

It’s impressive that Aaron was able to finish the game.  I’m not sure what adjective applies to Fairley being able to finish the game.

Oh… and seriously, this?  Sure.


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  1. heyberto

    Fairley is a thug and his coach was a douche, bro.

  2. I love that Murray went on to beat Auburn by a combined score of 83-7 over the following two seasons, and laid 41 points on Jadeveon Clowney and the Carolina defense for good measure. That, Mrs. Bielema, is #karma.

  3. Keese

    Guess who Fairleys position coach was at the time…

  4. Jim

    Murray is the definition of a DGD

  5. @gatriguy

    That 2011 smoking of Auburn was as satisfied as I’ve ever felt leaving a stadium. Up until 2010, Auburn was probably #5 on my most hated rivals. From that day forward, they’ll never fall below #3.

  6. Macallanlover

    While the knee shot was the most dangerous, the incident the Fairy should have been ejected for occurred in the first UGA offensive series. When he was allowed to molest Murray on the ground after a pass rush in plain sight is what led to everything else he did. There was no question the “work” he did to the chin and helmet on the ground was deliberate. Had the official ejected him early on, the latter incidents would never have happened. In addition to his behavior, the support he received from AU’s coaches and fans were also disturbing. UGA was not the only team that complained about him being a cheap shot artist, there were at least two complaints filed earlier.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. I usually don’t advocate dirty play but when the refs did nothing CMR should have had players from “the biggest offensive line in all of football” double/triple-teaming Fairley–including holding him up while others went low on him–every single play, damn the penalties, until Auburn either pulled Fairley from the game or he was a bleeding, broken pulp laying on the ground writhing in agony. The fact that CMR let that happen to Murray without doing anything to stop it caused me to lose respect for CMR–which, frankly, I have never regained.

  7. WF dawg

    The juxtaposition of this Nick Fairley clip with the earlier post about the new roughing the passer penalty… Thanks for nothing, NCAA.

  8. Grafton

    Woke up today in a good mood. Don’t care to watch that again.

  9. cube

    Once again I’ll bring up that we did absolutely nothing to retaliate until the very end of the game. Maybe our coaches liked seeing us get abused.

    • Q

      Frustrating right? Reminds me Maddux and Glavine unwillingness to protect guys like Galaraga.

      • Chadwick

        Abso-damn-lutely. I caught and I’d go after any pitcher that didn’t have the back of a position player. Their squeaky clean reps got in the way of them doing what they were supposed to do. Still angers me. Thank God for Ben Jones, too.

      • Dawg19

        That is 100% correct, Q.

  10. Rock and Roll Rebel

    This was but the beginning of MANY assaults on Murray which went largely unpunished. NO OTHER QB has been subjected to this. He essentially received zero protection from the officials. What a sorry statement on the sport in general.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      It’s really because CMR has the reputation of being a pussy about things like that. (Sorry, but it’s true.) They did it because felt that they could do it with impunity and pay no price for doing it. That, and the SEC refs have a grudge against Georgia that everybody seems to know about except the SEC office.

      • Debby Balcer

        So two wrongs make a right? The reason I respect Coach Richt is because he does have honor and integrity and teaches our players about it.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Sorry Debbie, but you live in a make-believe dream world. In the real world if you don’t stand up for yourself and the others in your charge evil people will take advantage of that. Do you think if police didn’t exist that you would be safe?

  11. Jeff Sanchez

    This will never cease to enrage me

  12. Bulldawg165

    This game and those Fairley incidents are why Auburn went from being my favorite to most hated rival. Screw them.

    • Derek

      Always hate auburn. Never stop hating auburn.

      1. Water hoses. Never forget. Ever…
    • Macallanlover

      I feel the same way 165, I always regarded that as our best rivalry game until then. Auburn has been sleazy for years but that season, and that game in particular, put them at the same level as FU for me. These are the only two SEC teams I never support in OOC games. They don’t fit with any of the other conference teams. It is one thing to need to play in the gray area because you are inferior to your in-state rival but to condone any violation in an effort to be successful is too much for me.,

  13. Noonan

    I saw an ESPN segment Tuesday night ranking QBs in the draft. Neither Kiper nor Jaworski had Murray in the top five. Both had Manziel at number 3. How is this possible? Manziel is the next Tebow, at best.

    • I want to see JFF flame out in the NFL. End of story.
      Without one play in Tuscaloosa, he doesn’t even make it to New York much less win the trophy.

      • Macallanlover

        That is so true, that one play in a huge game on national TV. Not taking anything away from his talent, or how exciting he was to watch, but he looks like a real scumbag personally so I also hope he bombs badly. He lied repeatedly to the nation last summer about not accepting money, immediately, or delayed, and his selfishness put his entire team at risk.

        I still can’t figure him out as a passer but impromptu plays/throws don’t work as well in the NFL due to the speed of the DBs. He is certainly faster and shiftier than Tarkenton so he may make it but the speed of the defensive players has increased proportionately. He will have to continue to be elusive because unlike Tebow, his frame isn’t built to take that many direct hits. Will be interesting to watch.

    • Hackerdog

      Granted, I’m not an expert at evaluating talent, but I don’t understand it either. Murray, at 6-1, 208, is too small to be an NFL QB. Manziel, at 6-1, 210, has no such concerns.

      I did watch a few of Manziel’s games, and I will concede that he made some spectacular plays that are reminiscent of Tarkenton’s highlight reel. But most of his big plays consisted of running around like sandlot football, then heaving a desperation pass 60 yards downfield, where his 6-5 receiver outjumped the 5-10 DBs for the ball. And I can’t see that translating to the NFL.

      I think you’re correct about Manziel being Tebow for the WWL. Hell, they still talk about Tebow and he’s not even in the league anymore. Manziel is a polarizing figure that they think will bring ratings. So, get ready for Skip Bayless to tongue bathe Manziel at every opportunity.

  14. Dawgwood

    What really sucks about that day is the Fairley left Aaron with a permanent scar under his chin from that first cheap shot (that wasn’t called). The video missed that as well as the one where Fairley tried to drive into Aaron on the ground and missed and hurt himself doing it. If he connected, you could have added broken ribs to his list of injuries. Refs should have been suspended after that game. Fairley had already built himself as that kind of cheap shot player and they did nothing to put a stop to it early in the game. I always considered Auburn as a friendly foe in the west, but after that game they are equal to Florida to me. I hate everything about them now.

    • 69Dawg

      +1 I think the majority of the problem was the refs. They lost control of that game early. A couple of roughing penalties would have end the BS early. SEC refs have their own damn agendas and “Playing while Georgia” is one.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Correct. The refs flagged Fairley early on in the Iron Bowl that year and Fairley behaved the rest of that game.

  15. Spike

    Farley should have been placed under arrest…

  16. Vindex

    Yes, the 2010 game has also left the barn at the center of the short list of CFB programs I most despise. In addition to thug Fairley and his water boy Trooper Taylor’s antics, the massed singing and taunting of the AU crowd as Murray left the game in the 4th quarter is what basically what tipped me into a permanent distaste for the AU fanbase as a whole. A history of cheating that goes back over half a century, a fundamental attitude problem, all this whinging about the “Auburn family”, thug players and an almost entire crowd taunting a player who had to leave the game after their head thug dived helmet-first at his knees – just a despicable group of people.

    • I always thought of it as a reasonably friendly rivalry between 2 schools that have more in common than not. After 2010, they remain #3 on the list with me, but it has definitely gone from friendly to not so much.

  17. Moe Pritchett

    University of Flar-duh at Auburn

  18. D.N. Nation

    The same crew from this game officiated the ’13 SECCG.

    Quite frankly, the refereeing in this conference is out of control.

  19. AusDawg85

    Jadeveon Clowney scared every SEC quarterback, helping USC win the SEC and SEC East…uh, I forget…how many times?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Also, Clowney led South Carolina to the National Championship while he was there…didn’t he?

  20. ARDawg

    To me, this speaks a lot to the character of Aaron Murray, and to a lesser extent our football program’s leadership, that we’re just now hearing about the sternum (and from Murray’s father no less – not Murray himself).

  21. Cousin Eddie

    Fairley did cheap shot Murray but for several years so did the UGA fans. Yes, I’m looking at you jacka$$es who egged his place and “fans” that continually called for another QB after a loss. That probably hurt worse than what Fairley did.

  22. Rebar

    Gonna miss Murray

  23. stoopnagle

    Auburn Sucks.