It’s Emmert’s world and he’s just living in it, part one.

I guess there are two ways you can look at the mess the NCAA’s gotten itself into.  One would be the way it’s put in the newly minted autonomy agenda leaked to Dennis Dodd:

These institutions are further challenged in addressing these needs by an increasingly litigious environment and confused public sentiment. They face the most public comment and criticism of all Division I institutions and conferences, often from advocates for pay-for-play or a professional athletics system for colleges and universities.

Poor babies.  Here’s the other way to see it:

Terry Rupert, athletic director at Division III Wilmington College in southwest Ohio, said he expects Division I to remain intact and credits the big-money schools for trying to improve the welfare of student-athletes.

“They kind of got away from that as the money got better,” said Rupert, a member of the NCAA executive committee.

I think the NCAA is confused about our confusion.



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3 responses to “It’s Emmert’s world and he’s just living in it, part one.

  1. Senator, what’s your opinion on the solution? I’ve enjoyed all of the banter back and forth about the problem. How should get this fixed with the ability to maintain some semblance of college sports that gives all stakeholders a sense that the solution works for all affected parties?


    • I’d start by giving CAPA its wish list. I’d also let players have some ability to market their names and likenesses, with some restrictions. And I’d ask the NBA what I could do to help beef up its D-League.

      I’m not suggesting this is a perfect solution, but there’s enough in it to give the parties some breathing room to figure out what works and what needs further tweaking. It also might diffuse the need for a union.