Such a deal

You may recall that last month I was impressed with a student seating plan that Michigan adopted.  How’s that working out, anyway?

So far, not so good.

The deadline for renewing student tickets came and went on Tuesday, and in years past there’s never, to my knowledge, been a need to extend the deadline. Student/poster bdsisme noted an email went out today urging some students to renew their tickets for the fifth time—in the three years prior, according to him, there’d been just four combined emails of that nature…

It turns out there isn’t a seating plan in the world compelling enough to overcome being charged $295 for a home schedule in which the best game is against Penn State and the race for second is between Indiana, Minnesota, and Maryland…”  Hmmm.  Go figure.

Maybe they just need more loud music on the Big House PA.



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4 responses to “Such a deal

  1. Skeeter

    Nothing that a little Palcohol can’t solve.


  2. Beer Money

    Give McGarity and co. Credit for one thing here…we seem to be reactive to a lot of things instead of being proactive and thinking outside of the box. But at least we have not raised ticket prices to some absurd level like this for students or general fans. Whether that is by accident/being asleep at the wheel of monetizing the sport we love further or whether that’s their attempt to keep prices affordable in spite of true market value (a la The Masters), I don’t know.

    Michigan has also put dynamic pricing in place so prices for the general fanbase that are not STH’s starts around $175 / per for the prime games since that’s about what they start at on the secondary market. What these people fail to see us that you can charge premium prices for something that is scarce. But you cannot do it when you have tens of thousands for sale. In other words $175 to get in the door for the Mich-ND game is fine if there are 1,000 tix tops on the 2ndary. But why would people pay that much if you just wait until prices collapse due to a surplus of supply? Just a greedy idiotic way of treating fans and doing business.


  3. It’s not rocket science, is it? And yet they tinker and twist and eventually they’ll fail to attract the kids AND they’ll piss off those who go because they want to watch a game and then who will go?


  4. JimBoBob

    HD and TV have just about killed attendance at games, used to be unless you had a night game all SEC games started @ 2pm, ACC @1 now you never know week to week what time your game is, cant plan. The loud music will drive family’s away but with less people parking will be better!