“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I wanted to be remembered as a champion.”

The success of Hutson Mason’s year at the wheel starts in this offseason.

“It’s on him now, so this summer is going to be very huge for our offensive football team getting ready for next year because we [had] a lot of pieces missing [this spring] and Hutson’s got to be a big part of that,” Bobo said.

He doesn’t lack for believers.

“He’s progressed beautifully,” receiver Chris Conley said.

“Once he becomes consistent at realizing that he is the guy and that everyone is behind him, then he’s going to blow some people’s minds because he can make all those throws.”

From your lips to God’s ears, Chris.


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23 responses to ““This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I wanted to be remembered as a champion.”

  1. uglydawg

    I believe.

  2. Well said.

    I couldn’t be more pleased with where Mason is right now. I think he may have ‘it’.

  3. BCDawg97

    Please don’t be 2009/2010, please don’t be 2009/2010, please don’t be 2009/2010… I’d settle for a 10 win season, championship or not

    • Jack Klompus

      He only wishes he could be the Ginger Assassin.

      • Rival

        Ginger NINJA!

        • Sean

          The Ginger Ninja coulda won the damn Heisman if AJ played the whole season and/or he had Gurley behind him. If the Oline keeps Huddy upright most of the time he will do well.

          • Will

            Nobody gives the Ninja his due, but look at his numbers. Considering his talent level, he was fucking killing it with a completely mediocre team around him.

          • charlottedawg

            We actually had decent pass protection that year. I believe we gave up around a dozen sacks in 2009

  4. I don’t think it will be for lack of the ability, or CMR would not have worked so hard to keep Mason when he wanted to transfer. Mason will have to come up with his own “it” factor, but if he does find his groove he will have overcome my inner noodge mistrust. The team believes; maybe I can, too. There’s no one standing in the wings if he is mediocre, so we may all want to say a prayer for this young man. I’m gonna, regularly

  5. Macallanlover

    Encouraging words from Mr. Conley, making all the throws would cover a lot of the questions I have. You cannot replace Murray’s experienced mind and decision making, but that would be true with whomever took over this year. It is the deep throws everyone seems to have concerns about but Chris Conley should know better than anyone I have heard express those views.

  6. Spike

    Me likey… But I miss Murray already.

  7. CannonDawg

    There is no Murray. There is no experienced backup. There is no choice. Mason HAS to deliver. And he’ll likely have to deliver early on the road, in Columbia, possibly late in the game. He does that, we’re on our way. Again, there is no choice in the matter. And Huston is smart enough to know that.

    Conley’s also smart enough to know that. I sure like where he’s coming from.

  8. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I believe in Hutson Mason. CMR is the guy I lost faith in. CMR is going to have to earn back my respect and trust.

    • Skeptic Dawg

      Just curious as to why the loss of faith in CMR? Not being snarky nor criticizing.

      • Dawgfan Will

        I’m curious also.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I lost respect for CMR in the 2010 UGA-Auburn game when he allowed Murray to get brutalized by Fairley the Fairy without taking any retaliatory action. When it became apparent that the refs were not going to penalize Auburn for Fairley’s misdeeds, CMR should have told his O-linemen to stand Fairley up and have multiple people going at his knees every play until he was a pulp on the ground screaming in pain or until Fairley left the game. Bless Ben Jones, did you notice how quickly the Auburn staff got Fairley out of the game when Ben went after him mano-a-mano? Like most bullies Fairley is actually a coward. He only is tough when he can hit a much smaller player from behind or low while that guy is preoccupied with trying to pass the ball. Frankly, if Murray had been my son I would have pulled him out of school and transferred him to someplace else after that game. He would never have played another down as a Georgia Bulldog. I have said it before and here it is again: I want a football coach–when I want a preacher I’ll go to church.

        • Sh3rl0ck

          I remember that incident differently. I thought that it was Richt that sic’ed Ben Jones on Fairley. There wasn’t any audio of the exchange, but I remember reading Richt’s lips as he said to the ref, “That is what happens when you do not make the call” after Jones got the penalty for the chop block / unsportsmanlike conduct. He seemed quite adamant about it as well. I agree that the retaliation was late and not severe enough, but I don’t think that Richt stood by idly.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            CMR stood on the sidelines the entire game only complaining weakly to the refs. CMR’s remark to the ref you mentioned came after Jones went after Fairley on his own in the 4th quarter, Jones got flagged, and the game was about to deteriorate into a brawl. CMR’s statement to the refs was about how they had lost control of the game earlier and “this is what happens” when they don’t enforce the rules–players revert to individual acts of retribution. CMR did not order Jones or any other player to retaliate against Fairley.

        • Macallanlover

          Damn, Mayor, just damn. You really feel this is a logical way to think, blame CMR? Save your venom for those who participated in the actions, and the cover-up/support of them. You are going to castigate a man the quality of Richt because he has a strong faith and belief? Moved you way down the list for that, and I am not even a strong religious person. I have a great deal of respect for people that live the way he does, and great confidence in his judgment and the way he represents the program.

  9. Skeeter

    This Dawg-aid is just so… red!