“Now that we went 4-8, we’re out of control.”

Agent Muschamp insists he’s got a handle on things.  And Mike Bianchi is in his corner.  (Gratuitous, but wholly expected Corch shot: “When Urban Meyer was coaching UF to national championships, Gator fans scoffed at those of us in the media who pointed out the number of Meyer’s players who were getting arrested. Only in Meyer’s final days – when the program started to unravel and Meyer ultimately bailed out – did fans turn on him.”)

Damn, if Boom didn’t exist, we’d want to invent him.  He’s on track to join Reggie Ball in the Georgia Opponents Hall of Fame.


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12 responses to ““Now that we went 4-8, we’re out of control.”

  1. heyberto

    Both Reggie and Boom were DGD’s at some point in time. Ba. Dum. Dum.


  2. Spike

    The Gators and Boom deserve each other.


  3. Dog in Fla

    Wait until Florida figures out what we’ve been running on them. I can only hope that our Boom will be able to extract himself without injury


    • ClydeBoogie

      I agree DIF, if I were in his shoes I would be more nervous than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.


  4. HVL Dawg

    Be sure to put aside some of that money Boom.


  5. ClydeBoogie

    Sounds like Boom needs some protection, lucky for him I can help. My feline cohort ClydeBoogie is an American Shorthair that weighs about 15lbs. But when he looks in the mirror he sees a 650 pound African Death Lion I think I will offer his security services to Boom for a small fee of course.


  6. Reservoir Dawg

    Mike Bianchi deserves a Pulitzer Prize for his Corch ownage.


  7. Bulldog Joe

    My charter nominations for The Georgia Opponents Hall of Fame:

    Reggie Ball
    Agent Muschamp
    Paul Johnson
    Casey Clausen
    Jabari Davis
    Pig Howard
    Agent Derek Dooley
    Agent Bill Lewis
    Darious Cummings (UF)
    Jordan Reed
    Doug Dickey
    Jamarcus Russell
    George Rogers
    Pick any South Carolina quarterback
    Jared Zabransky
    Colt Brennan