The Fridge

One guess whose supply this is.



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  1. Cojones

    No wonder you get a buzz on. Those are double cans! Now that God and everybody knows about it, how long do you think it takes to foment a Red Bull snatch? Any bets as to who may be involved?

    Glad this didn’t happen in my college days or there would be a serious conversation about reefer-boosting thrills.


    • Cojones

      Interesting missing row on the upper deck. Photo must have been taken during practice after Ek got right before.


    • Dog in Fla

      “On my staff, excellent jitteriness is standard, standard jitteriness is sub-standard, and sub-standard jitteriness is not permitted to exist and TPS reports, stapled one-each, for icebox inventory must be turned in each and every day at precisely 1600 hours – that, I warn you. Ah, but the Red Bull that’s… that’s where he had the party-sized Red Bull. They laughed at me and made jokes but I proved beyond the shadow of a doubt and with… geometric logic… that a duplicate key to the Red Bull icebox did exist, and I’d have produced that missing Red Bull can if they hadn’t pulled me out of
      action. I, I, I know now they were only trying to protect somebody from what happened in Nebraska…”


      • Cojones

        Ah, but the strawberries are hidden in the back of the unfilled row.

        It was the Big Red Asses who did this, led by my XO.


  2. Lrgk9

    Klinking Steel Balls sound in the background


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ekler may be a fine football coach, but I am sure as hell glad I don’t work anywhere near him.

    Dexedrine takes up less space.


  4. godawg

    This is what The Fridge looked like when I was in school :