Good news, Dawg fans: it’s not the year of the quarterback.

We kinda, sorta knew that already, but this post-spring wrap up of the conference makes that clearer.

We already have our opinions about Mason.  Here’s the rest, team-by-team:

  • LSU.  A true freshman outplayed the incumbent in the spring game.  Still, Miles and offensive coordinator Cam Cameron said the battle for the starting job will go into August.”
  • Alabama. They’re waiting on Jacob Coker, so this is another team that won’t name a starter until August.
  • Arkansas.  The Hogs return a starter who completed just 49.6 percent of his passes, and a 97.3 passer rating in SEC action (lowest in the conference).  He threw a pick on his first attempt in their spring game.  No wonder Bert would rather fret about players’ health issues.
  • Auburn.  They hope Nick Marshall improves throwing the ball, but does it really matter?  True luxury at the position.
  • Florida.  This time, the offensive coordinator really means it.  Really.
  • Kentucky.  One kid’s already left the program, which means they’ve still got to pick a starter from the other three candidates in fall practice.
  • Mississippi.  Bo Wallace is back, which means they’ve got one of the stable situations in the conference.
  • Mississippi State.  Ditto for these Bulldogs, as Dak Prescott returns and looks like he could be somebody to keep an eye on this season.
  • Missouri.  Maty Mauk takes over, and like Hutson Mason, gained some valuable experience last season when the Tigers’ starter went down.
  • South Carolina. People like Dylan Thompson, but it’s hard to see him as anything but a drop off from Connor Shaw, who was a real gamer.  (As Missouri fans can ruefully confirm.)  As noted in the article, Thompson is just a 55 percent career passer, and struggled with forcing throws — see a interception every 30 attempts — last year.  Let’s just say the jury is out.
  • Tennessee.  Oy.  Plus, the Vols have to build an offensive line from scratch.
  • Texas A&M.  Manziel is gone, his top backup transferred, his backup got nailed with an arrest for public intoxication and the other possibility is a true freshman.  Needless to say, check back in August.
  • Vanderbilt.  Patton Robinette got a 2013 audition, but didn’t wow anybody in the spring.  His redshirt freshman competition isn’t ready.  You know what that means:  Meanwhile, former LSU backup Stephen Rivers will likely arrive this summer and try to put his own candidacy forward.”

Right now, Georgia doesn’t even know who three of the starters it will face in conference play will be.  Other than Marshall, none of the rest really scare, although you have to respect Mauk’s and Thompson’s potential. Throw in new starters at Clemson and Georgia Tech, and right now you’d have to say that there are very few games this season that Georgia appears to be at an obvious disadvantage at quarterback.

Other than the secondaries they’ll be throwing at, that is.


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14 responses to “Good news, Dawg fans: it’s not the year of the quarterback.

  1. Daniel Simpson Day

    Nice summary. It makes me wonder though, whose offense / coordinator is best apt to employ a scheme that best circumnavigates their quarterbacks’ inexperience and/or lack of skill set. Our pro set seems a lot more difficult for a QB to master than the read option at the other end of the spectrum. What’s the great equalizer here?


  2. Macallanlover

    Certainly makes our concerns at QB comforting, thanks for putting it inot perspective. I think Mason will be in the top 5 SEC QBs next year, but having the best one last year wasn’t enough to overcome the injuries and weak D. Still, I feel better now and hope he rises to the top of the class; it looks doable from that list above.


  3. Lrgk9

    Well, he threw it 53 yards in the air in the Spring Game. That might not be the 55-56 yards Murray could throw it. Am encouraged but not confident.


  4. Russ

    I wouldn’t write off Thomas or Mauck. Mauck to me was better than Franklin, and all Thomas has to do is not mess up as long as Davis stays healthy.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    This is bad news for Georgia, Texas A&M, Arkansas, and Kentucky.

    They are the only SEC pass defenses capable of having a mediocre QB light them up.