SEC Power Aid

Interesting chart from a Mississippi State beat writer (h/t Andy Staples):

Some real profiles in courage there.   But, really, if you do the math, the new scheduling rule isn’t going to have that much impact.  There are only three schools on that list that have averaged less than one power conference opponent a season.

Georgia, by the way and to its credit, is the only program on the list to come close to averaging two such games a year.  My bet is that average starts coming down, as McGarity picks his spots carefully.  Need those softies.


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    Saban is all bluster with his scheduling comments.

  2. Bulldog Joe

    True road games:

    Texas A&M 0
    Alabama 1
    Arkansas 1
    Mississippi State 1
    Auburn 2
    LSU 2
    Missouri 2
    Ole Miss 2
    Tennessee 2
    Kentucky 3
    Vanderbilt 3
    South Carolina 4
    Florida 4
    Georgia 7

  3. Dog in Fla

    Björk demands recount. Says Moon Mullens and his hayseeds tampered with feed box to maintain tie for first place

  4. DawgPhan

    “There is no trap(game) so deadly as the trap(game) you set for yourself.”

    • Bulldog Joe

      Agree completely. Add this to the long list of dumb things Georgia does to defeat itself.

      • Hackerdog

        I disagree. The only injustice worse than seeing UGA ignored in the national title picture would be seeing UGA beat directional schools to be in position to be ignored in the national title picture.

        Besides, losing to Clemson, or Colorado, or OK State had nothing to do with the SEC title, which we haven’t won in a while.

        • Otto

          Agreed, I don’t like the cupcakes and will not spend money to go see them. I think UGA should schedule 1 power conf. team (regular BCS crasher) other than GT. GT is basically a mid major anyways. I was looking forward to the Oregon trip.

          Saban may not do true road game but playing in the various kick off games, exposes recruits to Bama football, and keeps Bama in the head lines which brings in recruits. Bama runs the program to win titles and UGA could learn quite a bit from them.

          UGA is not a media darling like Bama and UF, and thus may need the big nonSEC game to get the invite in future years, should something like ’07 playout. UGA likely would not have made the BCS CG in ’02 or ’05 if they had won out.

      • Do you want us to schedule 3 cupcakes and tell Georgia Tech we’ll only play them in Athens? Everyone wanted the Arizona State game (I went but didn’t go to the game – the ASU people had never seen anything like what we did to them), the OSU and Colorado games were home/home arrangements, and Clemson was the best game of the opening weekend last year. We can’t have our cake (out-of-conference games with power conferences) and eat it too (play only at home).

  5. Irwin R Fletcher

    UGA doesn’t get credit for scheduling a top 5 Boise St. team in this graphic.

  6. mg4life0331

    I think those schools that have won a NC can kinda get away with it. If we could just do the same…

  7. charlottedawg

    I’m all for keeping the Georgia Tech game so there’s one non conference game a year. That being said, as much as it sucks for us fans, Georgia needs to think about playing marquee out of conference games sparingly at best. With the exception of ASU in 08 we’ve played poorly in each non conference regular season game (excluding GT games).

    Also, if we’re going to handicap ourselves with things like our drug policy, then please for the love of God only schedule cupcakes to open the season.

    • reipar

      Agree. Cupcake at home to open every single year. Chance to break in new players and let everyone serve there 1 game suspension. Of course if we ever get a national level drug policy then that issue becomes moot.

    • Dog in Fla

      I can even remember way back when how much God loved us when we opened 2010 with a 55-7 cupcake demolition but not so much the next week in a 17-6 loss to Marcus Lattimore

      • AthensHomerDawg

        Almost forgot about that game… probably subcon. Wasn’t there some snark from the OBC about not seeing that play in the NFL?

        • Dog in Fla

          In retrospect, maybe that should have been the first clue about our new DC. I considered the source and thought it was only the transition to the 3-4. not the fact that Todd wasn’t going to be the mother of all DC’s, like the one we have now.

  8. uglydawg

    Boom, ” But how many other SEC teams had to play Ga. Southern last year?”

  9. The funny thing is I remember one Tennessee fan, during their 90s flirting with glory, who made a living off chiding UGA for its out-of-conference scheduling. UT traveled to the west coast while we played FCS teams, and supposedly UT never scheduled an FCS (then 1AA) team. (They do now, by the way.) They didn’t want to hear about our Jacksonville/home game enigma. They didn’t want to hear about an annual game with Georgia Tech. Yet here we are looking at their total of 5 games against power conferences, even if they do include Oregon. As for us, it’s about like the current opinion toward black jerseys. If something blows up in your face (OSU, Boise, Clemson) then DON’T DO IT AGAIN! Yet it was a scheduling quirk that our big road series against Colorado et al came during the weakest part of Richt’s tenure. I think in a time when many are deciding season tickets are far too hefty in price, three games against cupcakes isn’t a strong sell. My only problem is with playing these people in Game 1, when our offense still has no idea what it’s doing.

    • Mayor

      The real problem is opening against a really powerful team in week 1 (see Boise State, Clemson, Oklahoma State) and then following that up with the game aginst the Dicks…er…Cocks. Gallactically stupid scheduling. If you want to play teams like that do it later in the year.

      • uglydawg

        Maybe, Mayor..but it would seem a good argument to say that a team should mature more from a first game against a strong opponent than it would in what would be a glorified practice….on the other hand, you can’t prepare for the…Cocks…if you’re having to prepare for a Clemson or Okie St… I lean towards playing a strong team. It’s just more fun to play a strong opponent.

        • Mayor

          I understand where you are coming from and I respect your opinion. However, that has the potential for starting out 0-2 and ruining the entire season after only 2 games. Before you bring up 2010, have you ever considered what would have happened in 2010 if UGA had played a tune-up first game instead of losing to Boise? At the end of the regular season the Dawgs would have been 11-1 and would have played LSU for a spot in the BCSNCG.

    • uglydawg

      Tennessee fans seem to be….well…..stupid. I know Tennessee fans who call Georgia “Thuga”…and never consider how hypocritical that label is coming from most any other football school and especially Hilllbilly U.
      The more I think about it, the more I appreciate what Kiffen did to them.
      If you slam them about it have to refer to him as “Kiffen” or “Lane Kiffen”. If you use “Junior”, they will ask what Junior Samples has to do with any of it.

  10. PTC DAWG

    And there it was on WWL College Football Live….”UGA plays GT every year, big deal, look who Florida plays, FSU”.

  11. Keese

    Good grief sometimes I think you try and kill a good buzz. Just enjoy the GAME mike