Tuesday morning buffet

Nom, nom, nom…


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9 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. reipar

    We need to find out who those 10 ADs holding to a four team play off are and get them onboard with eight sooner rather than later. I would even be willing to go to 16 once the payers have some form of union-like representation and are considered employees.


    • Bob

      Spare us. The damn college basketball regular season is a perfect example. No one watches. No one cares. The last thing we need is an 8 game playoff that results in two exciting weeks in January while diminishing everything that happens between September-December.
      You know, sort of like the college basketball regular season that nobody watches any more because it is next to meaningless.


      • Normaltown Mike

        Oh come on, that 5 vs 12 matchup in mid December between North Texas and West Virginia is gonna be awesome!


      • reipar

        If college basketball regular season is so meaningless why do they keep showing it on TV? Must be somebody out there watching it for the networks to keep paying money to air programming and get advertisers to pay for commercial sports. And the NFL they practically went out of business after expanding their play offs. No one watching the regular season there. I mean don’t let details get in the way of your personal feelings and a good rant.


      • Macallanlover

        Yeah, because being one of 8 (top 6%) is so equal to what happens with basketball with 30+ games played by each team and 64+ spots available. Is that really supposed to be a logical argument? You honestly see a parallel for the value and excitement of the football season being reduced to a sport where the playoff tournament allows every single conference champion in America plus ,plus, plus, plus, plus, etc.?

        You are a better poster than that. I respect your opinion to not wanting a playoff at all, or one like we had that left everyone arguing about what should have been. I don’t agree with it, but no problem with a different viewpoint but 6%, or less, getting in to play is pretty damned elite. And you can’t compare it with arguments about the NFL , MLB, NBA, or college basketball, and the (lack of) standards they set. Add to that it particularly would be ultra-exclusive if only the Top 4 seeds got to host the opening round game. No taking a game off in that format, and no history of that happening in CFB that I know of….but would welcome hearing about examples. There are plenty which demonstrate just the opposite.


  2. Will Trane

    Does Vanderbilt have our number in men’s football, basketball, and baseball. Recent wins and losses says so.
    Now if you are the AD, University President, Regent, AD Board, coach, player, and Alumni…would that not bother the hell out of you.
    What are we spending money on. In the business world there is a thing called rate of return on your assets or investment. On UGA’s B/S the equity section is getting hammered lately, even by a Vandy.


    • Dog in Fla

      All of which are good points for a place where the AD was MIA for several years but isn’t it better to focus on the bigger picture such as “Tony [‘Bagels’] Barnhart On SEC Scheduling Format Presented By Regions Bank” and Einstein Bros Bagels


  3. Dog in Fla

    “To me, Florida’s got the toughest schedule of any of us,” he said. “That’s a tough deal for Coach [Will] Muschamp. He can’t complain about it and can’t say anything about it, but I’ll say something: He’s got the toughest schedule in the conference with only six home games. They’ve got Alabama and LSU next year. Did you know that? That’s brutal.”

    So brutal that it will be Never Say Never Again for agent Boom as he tries to top the stunning success of his Charley Pell mission last season.


  4. 69Dawg

    The helmet article pisses me off. Here the colleges are trying to get their alums to pay for helmets that are all bling. The concussion studies are mounting that the cumulative effect is the most dangerous thing. Why don’t they buy the best concussion helmets complete with the best sensors. These AD’s are just great at rearranging the deck chairs on the RMS Titanic even when the iceberg is straight ahead. I guess we have come to the I’m going to get mine while the getting is good, screw the long term ramifications.