At least he didn’t blame Mark Richt for losing control.

Herbie weighs in.

All on the player.  Crickets on the institution.  Because?


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27 responses to “At least he didn’t blame Mark Richt for losing control.

  1. William

    Because he can. Because he knows the FSU PD is going to look the other way. And because, as we’ve all learned, all he has to do is not cooperate in any way to skate.


  2. south fl dawg

    Because Mark Richt is seen as a pushover.


  3. JG Shellnutt

    Because it’s the institution’s fault only when the institution is UGA…


  4. Dog in Fla

    Because everybody knows that during Exam Week you can’t have any pudding


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Thaz what happens when you try to substitute crab legs…


      • Dog in Fla

        Likewise, if one does not eat his or her substitute imitation crab (Alaska pollock) meat, that would also have a Bering on whether one is entitled to dessert regardless of the branding effort by Adam Putnam (who?) and/or Herbie (why would he do this?!).


  5. Normaltown Mike

    Clearly CMR has lost control of his former employer.


  6. cube

    Yeah, I’m not sure what would have conditioned him to think that he can get away with things.


  7. georgiajeepn

    I bet the FSU coaches are tired of his shellfish behavior!


  8. lamontsanford

    Maybe the Herbstreit Doctrine can grow and morph until it becomes Constitution of College Football. We hold these truths to be self evident:

    -You have to win your conference to play for NC until 2012
    -Players at UGA never make mistakes. Richt Makes them.
    -Players at other colleges do make mistakes independant of their school or coach
    -Tebow really is Jesus

    What have I missed?


    • Dante

      -2007: When Ohio State and Michigan look like reasonable national title contenders: “Who are the best two teams in the nation RIGHT NOW?”
      -2008: When UGA and USC are probably the two best teams in the nation “RIGHT NOW”, turns the Big XII Championship Game into a 3-hour infomercial on how LSU should leapfrog Georgia in the polls and play for the national title since they won the SEC (by beating a Tennessee team who didn’t even have their starting QB playing and was only there in the first place because of an incredibly short shanked Kentucky FG).


  9. Spike

    Herbie is still butt hurt because the Dogs beat him back in the day. What a d bag.


    • Mayor

      Actually, if you examine ESPN closely almost every football talking head there has some sort of grudge against Georgia. Holtz got beat by CMR like a rented mule when he was at USCe, Jesse Palmer was a QB (back-up no matter what they say now) for FU, Mark May played for Pitt during an era when Pitt and Georgia were rivals and played against each other a lot (he admitted on the air once that he didn’t like the Dawgs because of that), Bill Curry (need I say more?–not there any more but was in ’07), Urban Meyer (need I say more?–also not there any more), Charles Davis (former CB at UT, also not there any more but was a big part of the ’07 smear campaign). Others, too.


  10. uglydawg

    Maybe Winston is just a bad egg. There is such a thing. You can already tell from the remarks that he’ll skate again.
    But rape and theft allegations aside, you’ve got to appreciate the fact that he’s never commited the hienous crime of selling his jersey.


  11. sectionzalum

    Strangely, I haven’t noticed Kirk’s awareness of the fact that the national librul media have expressed interest in FSU’s difficulties in investigating rather serious charges:

    Yet, because of Kirk’s ego or diminished mental capacity from excess hair gel, or on orders from his Corporate Mouse Overlords, he will not distinguish between Mudact’s car being pulled over by Jimmy Williams’ over-zealous police academy students looking for any reason to feel like a sure-fire cop (RESPECT MAH AUTHORITAH!), and the appearance of administrators and law enforcement stifling a criminal rape investigation.

    Stay thoughtful, Kirk!

    Surely CMR did not do enough to appease Lord Herbstreit by cutting, Crowell, Mettenburger, Marshall, Josh Harvey-Clemons and all the others loose. Did I miss his outrage during the Jim Tressel unpleasantness?

    ESPN pays big college football to do what ESPN wants. And ESPN wants more money, which means playoffs, ending long-standing rivalries, and allowing talking haircuts like Kirk Herbstreit to pontificate with great sloppiness because they are the content valve (we will all watch Gameday when it’s in Athens, and ESPN2 when we play Vandy, etc.).

    Maybe ol’ Kirk can report on THAT integrity.


  12. ugahairydawgs

    Why not the institution? Well…because the institution didn’t steal any crab legs.


    • Normaltown Mike

      It’s a rhetorical question Capone.

      Herbstreit dogged (Dawged) Georgia a few weeks past b/c of the transgressions of individuals. Now it’s verse visa.


  13. The Lone Stranger

    I think it flies to leave this here (the tOSU connex), provided anyone sees it this late: who saw that Jimmy Sweatervest Tressel is in the final three aspirants to be the next President of The Youngstown State U? And I crap you all negative that he comes to this august consideration riding his recent employ as executive VP for Student Success at U. Akron. Imagine he and Terry The Tater Tot roaming the same campus.

    Ahhh …the humanity!


  14. Shameist

    At least dey didn’t find the oysters.