Wednesday morning buffet

You keep emptying the chafing dishes, and I keep filling them up.


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22 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Bob

    Actually the LSU fan who responded to the Alabama counterpoint about LSU whining was far more convincing that the Capstone guys. My only question to LSU is…did you vote for the 9 game schedule or did you not? If not, then don’t gripe about keeping the traditional crossover.


    • Hackerdog

      You know what would be really fair? LSU splitting off to form its own division with Vandy, Kentucky, and Miss St with permanent rival Ole Miss.


  2. Sanford222view

    Nice work there BIG 10/11/12. You there down south play too many patsies! Beef up your schedule! Oh you want to play us? We can’t do that.

    So basically Delaney is admitting the SEC is the better conference.


    • Bob

      Delaney didn’t say that. The writer is recommending Delaney say that.


      • Sanford222view

        Please refrain from ruining my comments with facts. 😉


        • Macallanlover

          You handled that nicely, Sanford.

          But I do recall it being very difficult to get Big ? teams to play UGA a home and home. Just a few years ago our AD made a trip to that region specifically to get something going and was turned down flat (although later a h&h with Ohio did develop….briefly). Michigan stills owes us a visit from 1965 as I recall.


  3. Dog in Fla

    Mr. Roper’s Best Answer:

    Q: Of all the quarterbacks you’ve been around, skill set wise, who does Driskel remind you of?

    Roper: That’s a good question.


  4. stoopnagle

    Dear LSU: Shut up already or go join the Big XII (Texas version)

    Dear 9 gamers: The SEC did essentially the same thing the other “power” leagues did by adding a 9th conference game by requiring all SEC teams to schedule at least one game for a “power” league opponent. I think that’s the point made – probably inadvertently – by the adviser to Sam the Eag… err… Jim Delany.


  5. Q

    I think I side with LSU. UF is maybe they’re 5th biggest rival – UA, AU, Ark, OM.

    They play UF while Bama and A&M have it easier. My question: Should LSU embrace this rivalry because schedule makers tell them to? Or should they not complain b/c the power of UF and Tenn will balance out over time?


    • Debby Balcer

      All of those rivals are in their division. LSU/UF is a competitive game which is what makes a rivalry. The other cross division rivalries are not gimme games either. LSU needs to stop shinning.


      • Debby Balcer

        Whining not shinning dang autocorrect.


      • Dog in Fla

        LSU was trying to trip things up


      • Mayor

        UGA and Auburn aren’t in the same division and that’s a big rivalry. Bama and UT aren’t in the same division either and that’s a big rivalry. LSU doesn’t want to play FU because it’s usually a tough game for them. It’s just that simple. LSU probably would like to pass on Bama, too.


        • Q

          I don’t know what being in the same division has to do with a rivalry. LSU and UF aren’t big rivals. The SEC matches good teams from both sides to play each other. LSU doesn’t want to operate on a welfare system and I don’t blame them.


  6. cube

    I was definitely surprised by the history behind the Vandy-Ole Miss rivalry.

    What’s also being lost in all of LSU’s whining is that they’ve played Florida 60 times and every year since 1971 (and then 1953-1967 before that). That’s a historic rivalry as well, although not on the level of Georgia-Auburn or Tennessee-Alabama.

    And I really like this Missouri and Arkansas rivalry they’re starting. Nice border war. It will be the final regular season game this year for both teams.


  7. Will Trane

    Vandy, James Franklin, and the bunny farm…take notes Rebs. Not sure what a rival is in sports. Could that be someone you beat the heck out of on a routine basis [like Tech] or is that someone who beats you every once in a blue moon and it gets to be a big deal [like Vandy]. Not interested in “rivals”, do not think the players are either, think they are more interested in “runs” or “strings of wins”. With 2 walk-ons on first team, Dawgs should not have too many rivals on the board.