He’s a tribute to his position coach.

It gets lost in the shuffle sometimes, buried in the criticism thrown his way as the offensive coordinator, but Aaron Murray is a good reminder of how well Mike Bobo does his job as position coach.  I mean, compare the Murray we watched self-destruct against LSU’s defense in the 2011 SECCG with the Murray who throws the game winning touchdown against LSU last season (dial the clip to the 13:15 mark and listen to Danielson’s commentary).

It’s night and day who dictates to whom.

Yes, Aaron is an awfully good quarterback with an impeccable work ethic, but somebody still had to teach him.  Mayock’s comment is as much about the program as it is about the draftee the program produced.


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31 responses to “He’s a tribute to his position coach.

  1. 81Dog

    FIRE BO….wait, what?

  2. Ginny

    Those highlights really make me miss football.

  3. Goodness gracious our offense was fun to watch for a few games there. Darn injuries.

  4. Bob

    I’d like a young lady in Section 305, about row 11 or so to watch this. Then I would like her to keep her trap shut about Bobo every time a play doesn’t gain 5 yards.

  5. Am I the only one who thinks Gary Danielson is awesome?

  6. charlottedawg

    Is it too early to miss Murray?

    • MinnesotaDawg

      Absolutely not….I have a feeling this particular bandwagon is going to get awfully crowded next season. Smart, great leader, extremely hard and dedicated worker, tremendous representative of the school, and a damn fine QB, who improved, often in subtle ways, each year he was at Georgia (did I mention hard-worker).

    • Spence

      Mason may throw some receivers open, but watching those clips vs. what I saw of Mason… it’s going to be an eye-opening year. Murray is a stud.

    • No, and I’ll keep telling anyone who listens that this kid will be better than every quarterback in this draft. I will follow whoever picks him up and I pray its not the Saints.

      There I said it. And we will miss the heck out of this QB, just as much as we missed a competent defense/special teams during his years at UGA. He deserved better.

  7. The other Doug

    How do we factor in the Ginger Ninja?

    • Reipar

      Very easily. You have to have some clay to work with. You cannot focus on the one and ignore every single other qb he coached.

    • McTyre

      Factor in the fact he had no RBs or defense and everybody on our schedule knew it. Still led SEC in TDs in SEC games that year.

      • Mayor

        The problem on the team in ’09 wasn’t at QB. It was on D. That’s why 3 defensive coaches got canned after that season. Joe Cox was/is a DGD who got blamed for losing games for things that were not his fault. Was he perfect? No. But he was a pretty good QB who potentially could have taken the team to Atlanta if the Dawgs had a better defense that year (hard to get past FU that year, though).

  8. Rebar

    Really gonna miss AM; no knock on Hutson, but I don’t think he has enough zip on the ball to make that back shoulder throw that Murray was so good at.

  9. ScoutDawg

    “Abused the safety with his eyes”. Excuse me folks I need a minute.

  10. I like Mason and think we’re going to be fine at QB, but there’s no doubt there will be a couple of times next year that we’re going to miss #11. As Murray said on ESPN, if Mason gets the ball to all of his playmakers, he will be ok. I don’t know if it will happen, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him lead the league in passing efficiency and be in the running for All-SEC. Red Kool-Aid tastes really good in May.

  11. the game winning touchdown against LSU last season (dial the clip to the 13:15 mark and listen to Danielson’s commentary).

    That was the throw I was talking about just this week. Took masterful eye-control, then the super-quick release and the frozen rope to JSW. That was an NFL-elite throw, IMO.

    • For as talented as Stafford was at the same time, he couldn’t use his eyes the way Murray does to develop a throwing lane. Over the last 2 years, Murray improves so significantly in the little things. He’s going to make a GM very happy next weekend when a team is looking for a QB that won’t need high 1st round money but could become a franchise player at the most important position on the field.

      • Agree. Remember how Murray stared down his receivers for those first several years, not everytime, but quite often. Every facet of game improved every year. Murray worked hard at it, and Bobo deserves plenty of credit for developing him.

        My former issues with Bobo were never QB coaching or even playcalling, if you recall. Sure, he would call what I referred to as the “dud series”, which has gradually gone away the last 2 years. But his playcalling hasn’t been a real issue, IMO.

        What I’m getting at is Bobo has developed, too, as an OC, which is a lot more than just coaching QB’s and playcalling. I think Murray and Bobo kind of came into their own together.

        • +1 – Bobo went from haz-ing a crayon to a master’s paint palette. The guy has done it and good on Richt for sticking with him.

          • AusDawg85

            I can agree with this. Given all the devastating injuries, Bobo really used what he had in Murray and the other pieces better than in any previous season…that’s maturity as an OC. What will be interesting to watch is whether he stays creative and intuitive with who is performing best and how, or falls into the trap of going to obvious plays to obvious personnel who may or may not perform to expectations. I’d hate to see a lot of post-game sour interviews of how we called the right plays but just didn’t execute. For example, if the o-line is getting pushed around, but we keep running Gurley over RT for little gain, I’m not impressed. Faking to Gurley as he pops out just on the other side of the line and hitting him with a dump pass in stride like in Jax is pure genius.

            • Cojones

              Yall can call it anything you like, but Bobo put together a helluva machine with shiny replacement parts. We don’t view upcoming tough games with the trepidation we used to because Bobo and Bobo alone put together something great to cheer about at Georgia. Many of you need a lesson in appreciation of a great alumnus and Dawg QB who is embarrassingly underpaid for what he has created and not given full credit.

              Digging hard to substantiate old bad thinking should be beneath us all.

  12. Debby Balcer

    Just had time to watch this. What a great game. I watched it in the stadium so seeing it on video was different perspective. It really reminded me of all the weapons we lost. I hope Murray goes to the right team and has a glorious NFL career. Bobo has done a great job.

    • Just Chuck (The Other One)

      Hope wherever he goes he gets more protection from his line than Stafford did at the beginning.