Must see SEC TV

The SEC Network has announced its first four weeks of scheduling.  Here ’tis:

Man, don’t make any plans for September 6th. Riveting.

And note that the Troy game in Athens is a nooner.


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39 responses to “Must see SEC TV

  1. Bulldawg165

    Noon is the absolute worst time for a football game. It seriously infuriates me that our administration constantly does this crap.

    • PTC DAWG

      Alabama plays at 11 AM, you like that better?

      • Bulldawg165

        Right. Because it’s either noon or 11 AM. There can’t possibly be any other times that we could schedule our cupcake games.

        So much for a game day experience

    • The other Doug

      What do you suggest our administration should do to correct this?

      • Q

        They can’t control all the times, but the school has dictated plenty of game times and chosen to play more noon games than necessary over the last 8+ years.

        • Bulldawg165

          This. My memory is a bit fuzzy but I feel like I even remember Michael Adams saying a few years back that he wanted to see more early kick offs

        • Here ESPN, take back your millions of dollars. Noon starts are decided by TV, not us. The school’s choice is really just to take the money.

          • cube

            Bullshit. The school absolutely asks for early kickoffs whenever possible.

            • And TV will put them wherever they’d like anyway. And the early kickoffs are not specifically wanting noon games, just as said above a desire to have less drunks on campus for longer periods of time, and the trash situation that got so much attention a few years ago.

              That, and the long running “Folks from South Georgia can’t drive all through the night after a game” reason for us not wanting night games. And if you aren’t having night games, and CBS demanded no other SEC games interfere with 3:30, what options remained for you to whine bullshit about?

              • cube

                First of all, the CBS exclusivity window doesn’t exist anymore. Second, any school can come up with a bunch of excuses for why they “need” early games, just like we have. The fact is that we want them and other schools don’t. And again, we absolutely ask for them.

                As for how much effect our pleas have…well, in this example, we got stuck in the noon slot before they’ve even decided on the 4 and 7:30 games. And we’re competing against Indiana at Missouri and Northern Illinois at Arkansas for those spots (a couple of real marquee matchups).

                Hooray for continuing to ruin the gameday atmosphere in Athens! Bring on low attendance so that we can blame everything on the students only caring about texting, social media, and video games!

    • Sanford222view

      That would be TV constantly doing that not the administration.

      • Will (the other one)

        So why were all those cupcake games that weren’t televised noon, 12:30, or 1 kickoffs? Why did Dooley have that official-if-possible “no more than 2 night games/season” rule?


    I see one decent game, the first one…other than that, bottom feeder fodder.

    • Hackerdog

      UK vs Florida, and Arkansas vs Auburn are at least conference games. Also, UCF and Mizzou might be entertaining.

      But, yeah. It’s going to be tough for me to lobby my cable company that the SEC Network is ‘must see TV.’

  3. The Lone Stranger

    Yes … whole lotta suck coming off that lineup.

  4. I assume the SEC network will promote Sept 6th as “Cupcake Weekend” with the appropriate graphics and promotions.

    • Dog in Fla

      Paul, Brent and Tim can promo it as “Wedding Day” with appropriate graphics and small cakes

      • Or maybe ‘Cupcake Wars!’ with some tie in to that TV show. And yes, my wife is a big HGTV fan so I know this stuff.

        • Dog in Fla

          I’ve tried to get my wife to watch that show. She won’t because she thinks it’s just another one of my tricks to try to get her to cook. But every now and then between Mixed Martial Arts and When Animals Attack, I still watch it because who doesn’t love the scent of a good-looking gluten-free Malibu Barbie Cupcake, Hooah!

  5. Doggoned

    I was looking into signing up for that package, but …

  6. paul

    I guess the SEC is hoping all that talk about ‘strength of schedule matters’ is just that. Talk. Very little strength of schedule on display in that lineup.

  7. Tim

    Wowsah. Thats some serious football programming there boys. Too bad I dont get SEC network in Maine.

  8. David K

    How the hell is ESPN not all over the A&M Carolina game? Are they throwing that to their SEC Network to try to sway people to get the package?

  9. reipar

    How does UCF at Mizzou get a noon start?

  10. I assume all of this means Clemson will be ESPN at 6 or in prime time. USCe is definitely looking like prime time on ESPN.

  11. Mayor

    Anybody know if the SEC Network will be streaming?

  12. cube

    Noon kickoff. Go ahead and put me down for not being at that garbage.

  13. FCDore

    Vandy tweeted that our Sept. 6 vs. Ole Miss will be on the ESPN family at some to-be-determined time. I think you can bet the farm that the Georgia- Carolina game will be CBS’ game on Sept. 13, while the Alabama-Florida game will be the CBS game on the 20th. I believe LSU-Mississippi State and Vandy-South Carolina are on the 20th, as well — I can see ESPN taking the LSU game and us filling one of the two “TBD” slots on the SEC Network.

    • PTC DAWG

      I think CBS is still doing the US Open Tennis that early.

      • Dawgaholic

        Nope US Open is over by that weekend. We usually play SC on 2nd, not 3rd weekend of season. 3:30 in Columbia will be pretty warm. Hopefully we’ve got a fresh TB in the 4th qtr.