My five

Chris Low engages in a fun exercise, asking the musical question “Other than [Herschel] Walker, who are those SEC players no longer playing that I’d most like to see play again?”

He’s got his list; I’d thought I’d share mine.  In no particular order,

  • Bo Jackson.  Honestly, I’m surprised Low didn’t have Bo on his list.  Herschel may have been the better football player, but Bo was right there with him as an athlete.  He was an amazing baseball player, someone who combined power and speed freakishly.  He was something else to watch on the football field, too, for the same reasons.
  • Hines Ward.  Herschel’s the greatest, but Hines is my favorite Dawg.  He could do it all – and he was asked to do it all, too.
  • Derrick Thomas.  Low’s right about this guy.  Just dominant.  And why isn’t he in the College Football Hall of Fame?
  • Reggie White.  He didn’t stay healthy his entire college career, but when he was on, he may have been the scariest dude I’ve ever seen on a football field.
  • Tim Couch.  This one is more symbolic than the other picks.  I really enjoyed watching the Air Raid take flight at Kentucky.  Couch should have won a Heisman his last year there.

And yours?


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53 responses to “My five

  1. Spike

    Scott Woerner. Jarvis Jones. Jimmy Payne. Willie Gault. Don’t get me started, Senator…

  2. Beer Money

    I don’t need five as it obviously starts and ends with Tim Tebow.

  3. Troll

    Nick Fairly

  4. Spike

    Ben Zambisi, Eric Zeier,

  5. John Denver is full of shit...

    Damian Gary

  6. Erskine

    Offense – Wes Chandler, Charles Alexander, Bert Jones.
    Defense – Ben Zambisi, Eddie MC Weaver

  7. Bo – that run he had in Athens in ’84(?) to sew up the Heisman was Herschel-esque.
    Pollack – there hasn’t been a college player in recent memory who played so hard at a high level for 4 years as #47
    Copeland and Curry – as two running mates at Alabama, they were absolute terrors as Eric Zeier can attest in 1991
    Hearst – he had football speed. It didn’t seem like he was that fast, but no one seemed to catch him in the open field. Didn’t have the power of Herschel and Bo but was a dual threat running and catching the ball
    Rocker – he was a beast at Auburn. The first of the great Atlanta players to leave the state in the aftermath of Jan Kemp. I like that he now wears red and black.

  8. SCDawg

    I’d like to see the Pillsbury Throwboy/the Hefty Lefty, Jared Lorenzen. I was always amazed at what he did at his size at QB.

    • I’ll have to follow this lead. I’m young so my time starts in the late 80s. So that rules out the White’s, Thomas’, Herschel’s, and others.

      With the way things go for QBs now, Lorenzen was just so much fun I’d love to see him still slinging it around for Kentucky. What would Zeier do in today’s passing systems and pass friendly rules? (And can he somehow drag Hearst and Hastings with him so I get a 3 for 1 deal?) Tebow was imo a player unlike any other. We’ve seen a lot of option QBs that filled the TB type part of an option with speed. But few could launch bombs and play the power FB part of an option. Tebow is definitely on the list. Matt Jones would be fun to watch in a HUNH attack too, among a few other recent past SEC QBs.

      I love the David Palmer pick, and he’s in the same mold as Hines. Jacquez Green as a playmaker/punt returner was a fun player to watch even if the Peach County man wore the wrong colors. And if I’m getting to see guys like him, can I bring back Jamal Lewis and Cosey Coleman and Deon Grant too and keep them in state? Can I bring back Robert Edwards and not have that cursed Neyland turf take his knee?

      • AthensHomerDawg

        Edward’s knee never was bothered by the turf. After running for 156 yards on 15 carries Robert broke a bone in his left foot.

        • Oops, although breaking a bone in his foot doesn’t automatically mean it wasn’t also messing with his knees, or perhaps have taken it later if the foot didn’t break.

      • studawg

        “Herschel’s”? There was only one Herschel, buddy. I’m so sick of people using that cliche of mentioning several proper names in the plural form, as if there is more than one. I didn’t read anything you wrote after that, sorry.

        • It’s more indicating similar players. Reggie White among others of the elite DL group, Thomas and other elite OLBs like Cornelius Bennett. Herschel and Bo and Emmitt and James Brooks and George Rogers, etc.

          And I’m not your buddy, pal.

  9. Keese

    A 100% healthy Terrell Davis

  10. joe

    I was at the game when Darren McFadden had his coming out party in Athens. His burst off right tackle was shocking.

    Pollack, obviously.

    I don’t know if they count now, but corryat at TX a&m was unreal.

  11. Sanford222view

    Robert Edwards – We never really got to see him play healthy for a full season. I think he would have been one of the best backs ever at UGA had he had more time to adjust to the position after moving over from DB.

    James Jackson – How fun would he be to watch in today’s spread option attacks?

    Reggie White – just because while I was alive to see him play I don’t remember him while at Tennessee. I only knew UGA players for the most part at that age.

    Derrick Thomas – I remember him but didn’t realize the awesomeness I was watching.

    Steve Spurrier – just so I could see Georgia defensive players sack him all day long. I wasn’t alive when Spurdog got to enjoy our D-line the first time around.

  12. Russ

    Jake Scott, Buzy Rosenberg (the other 34), Scott Woerner, Goff, Trippi and Sinkwich (since I never saw them the first time around). I would have to think about the other teams.

  13. heytogoober

    He was an ACC player, but I’d love to see Reggie Ball back in Sanford Stadium.

  14. Noonan

    Andre “Pulpwood” Smith. We hardly knew ye.

  15. Scott23

    David Greene. Best naked bootleg ever. Was watching it on TV with my Dad, Greene turned his back to the line of scrimmage and my old man says “Auburn’s ****ed.”

  16. sectionzalum

    Hines’ block of Javon Kearse on the toss left to Robert Edwards for a TD in the 97 game in Jax is one of my favorite plays EVAH.

    And lest we forget Wycliffe Lovelace?

  17. Herk34

    2. Bo
    3. Pollack
    4. Darren McFadden
    5. Jared Lorenzen

  18. MGW

    Jared Lorenzen. Why haven’t more linemen been developed into unsackable quarterbacks?

  19. AthensHomerDawg

    Orlandis Gary. Pound for pound the strongest guy on the team. And biggeeeessst heart.

  20. AlphaDawg

    Jake Scott was before my time but i’ve heard the stories. Robert Edwards healthy and a full time TB. Tommy Frazier because he was Tebow before Tebow, and he was better than Tebow. Jessie Tuggle, just to watch him demolish lesser competition and Derrick Thomas.

    • heytogoober

      Jake Scott, indeed. Saw him and Bill Stanfill play when I was little and that has forever shaped my notion of defense.

  21. Bright Idea

    Terry Hoage, Hoage, Hoage!!! All brains, no brawn.

  22. o. J. Simpson, a slashing runner.

  23. walk34

    Archie Manning Johnny Football of the late 60’s (kinda)
    Reggie Tench
    Robert Edwards
    Emmitt Smith late in the game on a muddy field
    Andy Johnson

  24. Dog in Fla

    Top 5 Partying QB List:

    Johnny F. Manziel
    Snake F. Stabler
    Steven F, Garcia
    Jared F.B. Lorenzen
    Steve M. Tanneyhill

    • AthensHomerDawg

      May I politely request you swap Johnny Football and Mr. Garcia? I just don’t think your evaluating talent correctly. Who else was busted for alcohol consumption more than the G – man yet still started on important Saturdays? And who was busted in his hotel room by the State POPO the night before a bowl game ? I believe they were investigating a disturbance and loud music. They discovered the source of the music and three nekid ladies and an inebriated Mr. Garcia. That is awesome party talent right there DIF!

      • Dog in Fla

        An excellent point. Steven F. Garcia knows how to party and he can sustain it over five or six multiple seasons. However, the fact that South Carolina State Troopers only found 2 of the 5 completely naked (not 3 as the legend grows) during the Epic Evening of Infamy worked against him. Also working to his detriment was the fact that this Gamecock did not have any cockfighting going on in the room whereas JFF always carries a Manziel Grey with him wherever he goes to use in case of emergency

        “Upon entering Garcia’s hotel room, they are said to have discovered the quarterback in a highly-intoxicated state in the company of five different young women – two of whom were completely naked.”

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Gee DIF. We’re not “picking chicken” over Five lady friends are we? I promise you….If there was a 5 to 1 ratio in that thar hotel room ..there was some “cockfighting”… going on! 😉
          Disclaimer: I’ve been to Koza. I’ve watched habu/mongoose fights!
          Just sayin’😉

          • Dog in Fla

            Were there mama-sans? (h/t to you for emerging alive from Sakahaichi Alley)

            • AthensHomerDawg

              That was fun. Thanks. Things do change that’s for sure. h/t to you for finding this gem. Motorcycle shop is gone. Wonder if Bluto has listened to any of this music?😉

  25. Bulldawg35

    My five

    David pollack….had a motor that never stopped.

    Mitch Davis – the sack master LB

    Andre Hastings- seems like he was always open

    Richard Targets- another sack master

    Musa Smith- tough…durable…good speed.

  26. Chitown Dawg

    A healthy Robert Edwards at TB for a full season

  27. Chitown Dawg

    I also loved watching Rodney Hampton, he could stop on a dime to make people miss or run right through people plus catch the ball out of the backfield. I remember his debut as a true freshman when they threw him a short pass over the middle on 3rd down, it looked like he was gonna be tackled short, made 2 guys miss and picked up the first down. I turned to my buddy and said “this guy can play some ball”.

  28. Whiskeydawg

    Jeff Sanchez, Condredge Holloway, the Stinchcomb brothers.

  29. AusDawg85

    Bo’s run in the Techmo Bowl is still classic.

  30. S

    A.J. Green
    David Pollack
    Hines Ward
    Terry Hoage
    Champ Bailey

    And oh God, I wish we had Aaron Murray back for just one more year. I think Mason will be fine, but Murray’s one of my all-time favorites because of his toughness.

  31. S

    Oh yeah, and Bo, schmo. In four years, Bo rushed for a total of 283 yards against Florida. In three years, Herschel rushed for 649.