“I mean we got away with some things at times last year.”

Believe it or not, Auburn’s Rhett Lashlee is referring to the national title game there.


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36 responses to ““I mean we got away with some things at times last year.”

  1. Bulldawg165

    Auburn’s potential scares the crap outta me. Not gonna lie

    • The other Doug


      • Bulldawg165

        Ellis Johnson is a legit defensive coordinator and Guz Malzahn has shown to be a heck of an OC. I thought he was a one hit wonder that couldn’t work his magic without Cam Newton but he proved me wrong.

        • Dawgfan Will

          Yeah, I’m definitely convinced of Malzahn’s legitimacy. Unlike Corch, he’s proven that he can win a lot without a once-in-a-generation talent.

          • Bulldawg165

            Eh, Meyer won in 2006 with Tebow playing a very limited role. Plus, I think Meyer’s offense made Tebow look really well, as opposed to the other way around.

            • Hogbody Spradlin

              Corch starts out everywhere with a splash, then gets tiresome pretty quickly. Tebow, with customary Florida talent supporting, could carry a team.

              • Dog in Fla

                A little bit of Irwin goes a long way

              • Bulldawg165

                Right you are. Tebow did great in that system with his supporting cast. He was a very talented player, but I think a lot of people fail to realize that the amount of talent on the Florida team that won the MNC in 2008 wasn’t customary by any means. If I had to guess I’d say over half of the starters from that 2008 team went on to get significant playing time in the NFL. Tebow had gobs and gobs of talent to work with

  2. Sliceshs

    So if they don’t win it all this year, what will their excuse be then? Certainly not that they had more luck in 1 year then most do in a decade or two…

  3. Dog in Fla

    “Oh, Rhett, Rhett please don’t say that. I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry for everything.”

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      That’s what I was thinking Fla. Auburn was stealing signs. Tommy Lasorda would have been proud.

      • Dog in Fla

        Tommy invented stealing signs and he wasn’t bad at using foul language either.

        • Hogbody Spradlin

          Tommy didn’t invent it, though he certainly relied on it. You could prolly go back to the 19th Century for sign thieves in basebell. One of those things that has always been fair and fair game.

  4. “We get away with things” should be the official motto of Auburn University.

  5. joe

    They will take a giant step back this year. They were an 8-4 team that had a golden horseshoe up its ass.

    They should feel good with 8-4 this year.

    • Dog in Fla

      8-4? If so, they’ll probably try to fire Gus, Kristi and Jay

    • Bulldawg165


    • Dawgfan Will

      I’ll buy the horseshoe idea, but last year was their first year under Malzahn. I don’t see them taking a step back this year, or at least not a big one.

      • Bulldawg165

        Their defense should be a good bit better in year 2 with Ellis Johnson. I’d have to think that Nick Marshall will improve as a passer as well.

        They may not make the national championship game again next year, but I think they are set up to do really, really well over the next 4-5 years.

    • They may take a step back in the luck department, but they should be better this year. Without the golden horseshoe, maybe 2-3 losses perhaps.

  6. BCDawg97

    Sounds very Genius-esque. We’ll if it is executed right, no one stops us. If I’m not mistaken, if you are never tackled or go out of bounds, any offense scores a touchdown every time no?

  7. Cojones

    Yall realize that these two D coaches face each other again this year. Auburn put up a 21-3 score early on Pruitt’s D and then the brakes began setting in the second half. That was against the run. Johnson’s D gave up 32 pts after that mostly through the air. While I agree he is one of the best, the up tempo teams scored often on him.

    Gurley/Running Backs being in good health and Mason gone bodes well for us in that home game. Anyone would have to be on bad weed not to respect Malzahn and Johnson for what they cobbled together after the previous disastrous year in Auburn football, but we can beat’em.

  8. FarmerDawg

    The hype on Auburn really confuses me. Their defense should be improved, but what is the upside for their offense. Malzahn is good, but his offense was quite unconventional last year and now there is a lot of tape to look at. If their DB/QB greatly improves his passing they will be tough, but he has not shown that potential from what I have seen.

  9. SouthGaDawg

    If AU keeps getting the Jimmies and Joes, they will contend in the West. Malzahn knows what he is doing.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      South you’re right, recruiting will help Auburn in the west. But take heart. The Georgia Auburn game has always been a ball buster even match. 117 GAMES proves it. As long as we do okay, Auburn is more of a threat to Bama and LSU than us. Which is why I’m all for preserving it at all costs.

  10. Dawganova

    So basically he’s saying, “if the other team wasn’t on the field we would have really kicked ass!” So true.

    Also TnT (tough n together!) 13 might be the douchiest team motto I’ve ever heard of. That said I’m sure auburn will use it to be a difficult team to beat next year.

  11. Russ

    Well I said the same thing about us. If only we’d scored every time we touched the ball, we would have been much more successful.

    Self-awareness is a foreign concept at Auburn.