Transparent failure

Jeff Long, you’re such a kidder.

Like the BCS rankings before them, the selection committee’s weekly rankings will be announced on an ESPN broadcast. Unlike the BCS, which presented its new standings each Sunday, the interim playoff rankings will be revealed on a half-hour show each Tuesday evening.

Long, who is expected to explain the committee’s reasoning each week on the same show, said TV was not a consideration in the decision to release weekly rankings.

They weren’t going to do it, really they weren’t.  But then transparency got in the way.

“I think that (debate) is part of what makes college football, and I think that debate that goes on among fan bases and groups is healthy for the game of football,” Long said. “Early on, there was some thought that we would go into a room at the end of the season and come out with the top four, but that didn’t last very long.”

What changed? The playoff people say the decision to issue weekly rankings was made in the interests of transparency, even if it also happens to align with the interests of ESPN.

What a coincidence.

By the way, about that whole transparency thingy

When the committee members were announced in October, Hancock called their task “one of the hardest jobs in sports.”

The committee members just made it a lot harder on themselves.

If they have one saving grace, however, it’s that we’ll never know their decisions because their ballots will be kept secret.

At least the coaches made their final regular season poll votes public.


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16 responses to “Transparent failure

  1. Russ

    This whole thing stinks.


  2. Cousin Eddie

    In the end why don’t they just say ESPN is going to rank the teams as they see fit and fans can like it or watch it on some other channel….. yeah that’s what I thought. But hey they really really care.


  3. I do not welcome this new college football narrative. All this focus on the 4 team playoff will steer attention away from the importance of rivalries and the significance of regular season play. But who the hell cares but old school fans right? Time for selection committee Tuesday YAY! ….screw you ESPN.


  4. Dog in Fla

    “When the committee members were announced in October, Hancock called their task ‘one of the hardest jobs in sports.”‘

    I thought being a shutdown corner was but when Bagman Bill says it, you know it’s true.


  5. americusdawg

    I don’t believe the “transparency” hype … but I admit I did laugh out loud when I read this:

    Instead of removing any shadow of doubt or potential conflicts of interest, it presented a recusal policy with more holes than Georgia’s secondary.


    • DawgByte

      It’s all about transparency, baby or at least we thought so. Doh!


      • Dog in Fla

        No kidding. He’s fixing to give the agency charged with brutally torturing prisoners, lying about it to every oversight mechanism, and spying on the Senate committee charged with investigating it, a right to censor the Senate’s very own Torture Report ®™© ℠ on the agency


  6. Will Trane

    I watch the games. I never watch ESPN talk shows and pregames. Blovation and childish chatter. BIAS is ESPN. Do you know how much this lilberal northeast sports media has on its balance sheet and agenda. NCAA needs to rein these guys in. Have you ever noticed how many times in MLB the Red Sox and even the Yankees are on TV.
    Chart it and compare to Braves, Rangers, and Marlins.
    Sorta like CBS and their ties to the Dawgs. Amazed how UGA is tied to them and CSS. Totally tied to metro Atlanta. Do you want to know why kids want to go to Florida, FSU, Bama, or Auburn.. UGA does not exist outside that area, even though as CMR says rural Georgia has a loyalty to Dawgs.
    Send us your money, but to hell with us giving you anything in return. A one way street from the AD office.
    How many guys on FSU’s O line from south georgia. Ask JW, his receivers and RBs.
    ESPN and CBS are a joke. Why SEC needs its own media outlet. Drop these guys and move on.


    • Dog in Fla

      This is the only place to go for blovation


    • reipar

      I know I am going to regret this, but the answer is two out of fourteen guys on the OL are from south Georgia. 14% of their OL is from south Georgia. Not what I would term a staggering number.


      • Dog in Fla

        Math is even harder when you use fractions and percentages to come up with the same trick number. I expect your regret to be that you will never eat lunch in Moultrie again.