These are a few of my favorite plays (of 2013), a series.

We all know there were plenty of ups and downs to Georgia’s year last season.  But some of the highlights were as good as anything a Dawg fan could have asked for.  I’ll post of few of the ones that stuck with me over the next few weeks on a random basis.  Feel free to chime in with any you think deserve special attention.

Somebody mentioned this one in the comments the other day, and it really is one of my favorites from last season:

I’m not sure what I like the most about that clip – Uncle Verne’s “Murray… still up!” or the way the second replay shows Murray shaking off the two DBs closing in to make the tackle – but it reminds me how he took that wounded offense on his shoulders and willed his team to the win on the road.  To me, that’s the game where Murray really drove the stake through the heart of the “Murray can’t win the big game” knock on him.


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14 responses to “These are a few of my favorite plays (of 2013), a series.


    Good stuff, thanks for putting it up.


  2. Red Dawn

    Was this the series where UGA walked away with a FG or was that after the JJ Green long run ?


    • Nate Dawg

      This ended the 3rd qtr & I believe it was Douglas on a toss sweep for the TD early in the 4th to end this drive.
      Go Dawgs! And God Speed to AM!


  3. AthensHomerDawg

    Switching that ball from his right to his left arm prior to the arrival of #27 was a pretty heads up move. It’s a long way from an 18 year old kid to a nearly 24 year old grown man entering the NFL draft. It shows. Murray’s is a wonderful story and his journey was a pleasure to watch. As my Dad has often said to his grandsons and to me…” You put the time in… you get the results.”
    …and he had an excellent coach.


  4. AthensHomerDawg

    It was a treat to watch a couple of young freshman running backs step into the fray and help win some ballgames. Won’t see #15 on that side of the ball anymore. (nsfw)


    • Ben

      Can you imagine how devastating Brendan Douglas would have been in Tech’s offense? I’m glad he chose the good guys.


  5. joe

    What an awful game. Coaches should have pulled the kids off the field after the 2nd non – contact acl. If Tennessee is too poor to manage their facilities, they should be dropped from the sec.


  6. The subtitle of this series being “already missing Murray” and “dang I hope Gurley is back 100% this year”


  7. Bright Idea

    Post game Aaron said “I thought twice about sliding but said to myself what the hell, go for it.” The ground level end zone shot showed his pure determination. Of course Gary had to compare it to AJ McCarron.


  8. budro

    My favorite moment from last season came when Murray chunked the ball into space at the end of the LSU game. That, and the post-game interview with Murray and Richt. Second-favorite: Gurley’s catch-and-(loooong) TD run against UF.


  9. Russ

    Awesome play. I like his score at the end of the Auburn game that should’ve won it for us. Just a great competitor.


  10. Spike

    A pure warrior….


  11. Bob

    You folks said it all. A DGD if there ever was one.


  12. DeputyDawg

    Brendan Douglas’ first carry on the last drive to ice away USC! Also, Douglas running over Florida’s safety! I really appreciated his toughness while Gurley and Marshall were out.