The receiver game: wait and see.

Speaking of receivers, here’s how Seth Emerson describes the post-spring pecking order in Athens:

– Mitchell, Bennett and Conley are the top tier.
– Scott-Wesley makes it four in the top tier when he’s healthy, which he and Mitchell are expected to be. But Scott-Wesley is also facing a one-game suspension.
– Reggie Davis is the next in line, and is the fifth and probably final receiver right now virtually guaranteed to be part of the rotation.
– Towns, Rumph and Erdman have played before, and are the most likely to earn the last spot or two in the rotation.
– Tibbs and LeMay should have been in that mix, but didn’t use the spring to make that big jump. Johnson did, and now the walk-on will be a factor this preseason.
– The freshmen will get a chance as well this summer. McKenzie, a small but dynamic speedster, and Rico Johnson, who is a year older after spending this past year in prep school, are the most likely to sneak in.

Lots of names and lots of uncertainty there, mainly because of health questions.  Based on what I saw at G-Day, Davis looked like he’d made the biggest leap from last year and seems poised to be a real contributor.  Johnson may be the next McGowan, who knows?  But so much is up in the air until Mitchell and Scott-Wesley can show what they’re capable of this summer.  As Bobo says, “Davis played sparingly last year but we’re gonna need him to step up. Bennett, Conley, Mitchell, and Justin was just kinda coming into his own. But those are really the four guys that have produced in games. So we need more than four.”

If those two are truly healthy, they will need more than four.  But not that many.



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4 responses to “The receiver game: wait and see.

  1. Cojones

    I can remember that “the good ones” were “not Too bad”. Betcha that happens again with some not-so-well-known players this year. Plenty of time for more bone knitting with Rome, but he will start against Clemson. Put his case with the two receivers and I think we will have full health and production all season barring further injury. That’s a red herring scare(unhealed injuries to “the good ones”) that Bobo probably wouldn’t mind passing around so that fans could be more appreciative the next time he pulls our fat out of the fire..The new ‘stars” who reflected during Spring Practice, but not noted much since have yet to put full presence on the field until Fall when they are “discovered” like flashes of gold in the rivulets of a Clemson-muddied stream.

    We have excellent and good receivers all over the place with odds-on that most will play. We have D-1 WRs all over the place. Because they all can’t play at once, but could shine brightly when needed, their names and faces may remain unfamiliar until they light up the gridiron and the stands. I read five names that are not “the good ones” per se who will see good playing time by spelling those guys and then take their place alongside as “the good ones”. How do I know these things? In case you haven’t been keeping up, we have a WRs coach who has built a nice main cog to Bobo’s Machine. Go back and review the way that was done and you may end up with the same amount of confidence that some of us have.

    When was the last time anyone looked at WR 40 speeds?


  2. Definitely seems like Rumph may be the odd man out at this point. I wonder if he should redshirt given the amount of talent in front of him and that most of that talent will be moving on next year.


    • Juan

      It appears Rumph was severely overrated. Red shirting him would be a terrible idea. Why eat up a scholarship for another year?


      • He got hurt last year. People raved about him before he pulled his hamstring. If he could contribute when our guys are gone, why not redshirt? If he can play this year, see if he can go. Give one fewer scholarship to a walk-on.