Aren’t we getting a little ahead of ourselves here?

I mean, I know playing for Nick Saban makes everyone more awesome, but calling a guy who’s not even enrolled yet a second-tier Heisman candidate seems a bit premature, don’t you think?


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  1. I read that today and laughed. Apparently he’s Russell Wilson 2.0 if you listen to Bama fans. While Bama is stacked with skill players, I think we’d need to see this dude face some live bullets before we anoint him.

  2. Watchman

    This Bama fan would be thrilled if Coker turns out to just be competent. I understand thinking he’s better than any other currently available option (and I share that opinion), but I really don’t get the heaping praise for a completely unproven commodity.

    • Ben

      He’s not unproven; he’s straight out of AJ McCarron’s backyard of Mobile, AL. If college football fans do anything, it’s assume that someone who comes from the same HS or the same family is just as good as other people. He may be fine; I’ve never seen him play. But a Heisman candidate? That is a stretch.

  3. 3rdandGrantham

    This has me thinking a bit, given the upcoming NFL draft. Why have Bama players, particularly on the D side of the ball, failed so miserably in the NFL draft in recent years? Many, if not most, have been absolute busts if not big disappointments.

    There have been whispers about rampant PED use at Bama that would get you easily get you busted under NFL testing guidelines that help explain this, but I’m not exactly buying that unless proof was uncovered.

    • 69Dawg

      I’ve heard the explanation that Bama really is a team where the sum of the parts are better than the individuals. Playing as a team makes everybody look better. When they get to the NFL and are not on a dominate team they are not nearly as good as the dumb scouts thought they were. Scouts fall in love with a team or coach and want to get their players. UGA suffers from sort of the reverse of this. We have good individuals on D that have not played together great as a team for several years so this is costing the players draft positions. Look at the way our guys on D have been treated. Our guys play great in the pro’s if given a chance.

      • 3rdandGrantham

        But Bama’s overall recruiting, according to the experts and overall rankings, has been tops in the country over the past 6-7 years. And I wouldn’t be quick to simply label NFL scouts as ‘dumb’, as most in the NFL are really good at what they do and are handsomely paid for their craft. And, when it comes down to it, stars (HS recruiting) certainly do matter—the top programs year in, year out, are loaded with 4 star type athletes that seemingly everyone offered coming out of high school, with Bama clearly doing a good job of developing such players also.

        I do agree that the sum of its parts argument might have some merit, but again Bama isn’t Boise State—they recruit the top players in the country year in, year out, to go along with elite coaching followed by success.

        A top NFL scout on Cowherd’s show earlier today said something interesting. He said that, due to Bama’s woes in the NFL, players from Bama are starting to get a negative stereotype from around the league due to recent busts that have surprised many. With that said, if I’m UGA, LSU, AU, etc., I certainly use this against Bama in recruiting.

    • I guess it depends on your expectations for those guys. Myself? I wouldn’t exactly call them busts. Most have stayed in the league, with McClain the most notable exception.

      In terms of PEDs, meh. Mt. Cody is Mt. Cody, Upshaw swole up with the Ravens (and that’s part of his problem), Dareus was a beast out of hight school, throw in a bunch of DBs who were drafted and I don’t think PEDs are the problem.

  4. UGA95

    I wish UGA was better about that. Murray should have been at least a candidate but UGA never supported him in that manner. They should already be hyping Gurley for heisman, but arent. I wish they would do better in that realm.

    • Merk

      That would deplete the trust fund. Never can even 1 cent be wasted. Even if that 1 cent has the chance to bring ridiculous riches, such as a heisman or NC.

      • 3rdandGrantham

        The UGA AD certainly doesn’t have a trust fund. In fact, if anything they are quite a bit in debt, with outstanding bonds totaling around 140 million in a report I read a year or two back.

        Perhaps Gurley doesn’t want the pre-season hype; this was the case last year when Murray turned down an offer from the AD to ramp up a heisman campaign on his behalf.

  5. Mayor

    So….lemme get this straight. TJ Yeldon AND Derrick Henry are Heisman RB candidates on Bama’s roster AND QB Jacob Coker, who never was a starter at FSU and has yet to play a down for Bama (indeed, isn’t even on campus yet) is another Bama Heisman contender. Hell, that’s as stupid as saying that first year Missouri starter at QB Maty Mauk would be a Heisman contender, Ha, Ha……..wait….what?

  6. I think a couple of things lead to this type of speculation:

    1) Sportswriters have a lot of copy to fill in the off-season; and

    2) Guys like Newton, Manziel and Winston burst on the scene and I think this makes writers throw names out like Mettenburger and Coker when they arrive on the scene. Everybody wants to be first to make the call.

  7. Reipar

    For a preseason list I think it is about right. He is going to be the starting qb for a team that has a chance to play for the mnc and is going to win a lot of games. That alone will get him some chance to be mentioned for a heisman. It is like most if these preseason lists that name everybody that had a chance to be successful.

  8. Macallanlover

    My how far the Heisman has fallen. Hate to see so many things I once held in high regard torn down. Heisman began falling several years ago, others seem to tumble regularly these days. In it’s defense, the task of naming one individual player as the best in CFB is pretty much Mission Impossible anyway.