The difference between motivation and uncertainty

When Jeremy Pruitt refuses to name defensive starters or says that starting positions are up for grabs in the fall, you suspect a lot of that is to keep his charges on their toes, giving maximum effort.

When Will Friend says, “The (left) guard was here and there with people. I guess that’s why you practice. I guess you gotta figure it out in August”, you suspect it’s because he really hasn’t identified a viable option for the position.

Oh, boy.



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8 responses to “The difference between motivation and uncertainty

  1. Yeah, I think it means we don’t have good SEC options. Put another way, we don’t have top SEC guys battling it out for a starting spot, we’re just looking for something solid. And I suspect that doesn’t stop with LG.


    • Skeptic Dawg

      Spot on Ivey. I am afraid that both tackle positions will be an issue this season as well. Here’s to hoping for the best.


      • Mayor

        They are one player short on the O-line in Athens. One player. If they had that one more player they could shift the other players around and cobble together a pretty good starting 5. You may recall last year I was preaching: “Please sign a JC stud for left tackle–PLEASE.” But nooooo. No move from CMR on that front. Even though Mizzou signed 2, Ole Miss signed 2, Auburn signed 1 and Bama signed 1. (It’s not like there weren’t any good enough–look at what these other teams did.) We’re always short somewhere. Who is in charge of recruiting at Georgia? Oh, yeah…..the HC. When will he ever learn?


        • We have signed a lot of JC linemen and none have been great.

          There was a kid that’s now at Ole Miss that f’d us for money. He may have helped. Shit happens


  2. You mean to tell me the offensive line will be an issue for UGA? Color me shocked.


    • LorenzoDawgriquez

      Agree with all the above responses, I am shocked just the same as I have been for almost all of the past 25 years. Doesn’t seem to matter who the HC or line coach is, the same situation every **&^% year.


      • Chesterhighwater

        Positive thoughts…

        The front 7 should be among the best in the SEC. There is talent in the secondary…it just needs some development. Hopefully this will be a strength of Pruitt’s.

        The skill positions are among the best in the SEC. Gurley helps. There are bodies on the oline (I’m trying).


  3. 69Dawg

    With our running backs the OLine only has to be average. This is a good thing because they sure aren’t great. Hutson had better learn how to roll out or we will get to see his backup a lot.