The further adventures of Tosh, the intern

Or, an analyst is whatever Nick Saban says an analyst is.  Duh.

You’ll have to forgive Saban for his mistake in language. On March 31 he described his role working with cornerbacks in individual drills as that of a “G.A.” under defensive coordinator Kirby Smart. It was a laughable moment, painting the 62-year-old head coach as the highest paid graduate assistant in the world, not to mention the fact he’s likely not pursuing a post-graduate degree on the side.

Hey, he was serious about that.


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  1. Mayor

    The NCAA has to stop allowing Saban to do this. For crying out loud, Saban has dozens of these guys on staff who are really coaches performing duties that historically were part of the coaches’ duties. There is a solid number limit for coaches on staff at a D-IA institution–9. I think this non-action by the NCAA is possibly the most damning thing about them. They penalize AJ Green for selling his own property but ignore willful violations by Bama and Auburn of the most egregious nature. Is there any question why the public is fed up with that corrupt institution and is clamoring for reform? The NCAA stinks from the top down.


  2. Scorpio Jones,III

    The thing that drives folks batty about Saban is that he can do anything he wants to do to improve Bama’s chances of collecting another glass football.

    The reason he can do this is because the University of Alabama not only allows him to, but because the University of Alabama wants him to.

    Anybody who does not understand that in Tuscaloosa, what is good for football is good for the university as a whole is doomed to spend many hours batting away at their keyboards whining about Nick Saban.

    Auburn? Hell, they have spent their whole institutional lives playing catch up, or course they have analysts.

    The NCAA can write and try to enforce all they rules they want to, but they can not change the institutional culture at Alabama or anywhere else.

    If Nick can’t have analysts, Bama will make them teaching assistants.

    Das jes de way it is.


  3. Dog in Fla

    It’s a good, bad and ugly type of deal. Emmert always disappoints us but never disappoints Nick

    “Chancellor Emmert is absolutely the best boss I’ve ever had,” Saban said at LSU in 2004. “He’s the most significant reason I was interested in the job. Never once has he disappointed me.”


    • Cojones

      Damn, you give the best references. I laugh the most when you include your gov, the idiot, in your references. My friends say the robo calls for incumbents there are off the numbers chart and come with a “Wash, D.C.” identity. How much do they get in franking privileges in Fl ?

      Saban has a team of former HS coaches who know mamas and papas and all the coaches in a recruiting area intimately. Only costs you a little over a mil to support 10 of them to blanket all aspects of all recruit’s lives in an area. You don’t think these kids pick Bama for all the advantages they possess over other SEC schools, do you ? As long as Saban is given walk-a-fine-line advantages that take the NCAA a year to investigate and a year to report out, he can recruit 3 NC teams using the HS Coach Gang while we stare with all our mouths open.


      • Dog in Fla

        “your gov, the idiot, in your references. My friends say the robo calls for incumbents there are off the numbers chart and come with a “Wash, D.C.” identity. How much do they get in franking privileges in Fl?”

        As much as they want. I see more and more signage that it’s third world property down here now: Banana Republic at The Florida Mall®, a Simon Mall, Copyright ©1999-2014, Simon Property Group, L.P., All Rights, States’ and Otherwise, Reserved.


  4. AusDawg85

    “He’s got a lot of good experience both coaching and recruiting,” Saban said of Lupoi earlier this spring. “He didn’t get a job this year, didn’t have any issues relative to the way we checked him out with the NCAA, which we do with everybody that we hire.”

    Everybody except Junior evidently.