“The narrative will be set.”

This is the best thing you’ll read about every stupid “ridiculously early” list ever compiled.  The conclusion:

Because the answer never changes, and neither do the lists. Here’s Mark Schlabach’s Way-Too-Early list from February of 2013. 20 of the same 25 teams from 2013 are on it this time. Including Florida, ranked seventh. Florida went 4-8 last season. That alone is probably enough to exclude them from any current Top 25 list, but I’d allow it if the evidence was a little stronger than “they just can’t keep being that bad.”

But it isn’t.

Amen to that, brother.


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13 responses to ““The narrative will be set.”

  1. We need the Gators to improve this year as long as one of the losses is in Jacksonville. We need Agent Muschump behind enemy lines for as long as possible.

  2. Bulldog Joe

    The counterpoint to the Gambler’s fallacy is “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

    If only we could bet on which SEC team will lose the most starts to suspensions and injuries.

    Or who will finish in the top three in penalties.

  3. Macallanlover

    Best part of that is the whining Ohio fans. I know all fans can get silly blind about their teams but have their fans ever looked at the schedules they played during their “golden years”? What gets lost on fans in the Great Lake area is the number of conference titles Ohio and Michigan have won aren’t badges of honor, they are proof there never was a conference there. It was two teams and a bunch of patsies where the winner ran to hide in the West Coast Bowl.

    I am sure there have been some good teams in their past, a couple may have even been very good, but we will never know. I am not one of those who feel every team in the Big Whatever should be dismissed, a few of those conference champs cpuld have won an SEC, but it would have been at a level of UGA, TN, or LSU….maybe fewer. They are a national joke not because they are any worse than the ACC but because of the misconception they have of themselves. If there was ever a “if you could buy ’em at what they are worth and sell ’em at what they think they are worth” conference that would be the one.

    That said, Mark’s rankings were over the top….even at this time of the year. I can only hope we show up somewhere near #8 at the end of this season, it will mean everything worked the way we are hoping. If we had Ohio’s schedule, our chances to be Top 10 would be much better…..every year.

    • Georgia 2002 smokes Ohio State 2002. It’s too bad we absolutely wet the bed in Jacksonville when we had a superior team.

      • Dawgfan Will

        We would’ve been on the outside looking in. No way anyone puts us ahead of Miami or Ohio State that year.

        • Dawgfan Will

          Not that I think we weren’t as good or better than either of those teams that year; we just didn’t have the national reputation of both.

          • I think people tend to forget how insanely talented Miami and OSU were that year. Of the 43 players who started in the game (OSU’s Chris Gamble started on both offense and defense), 37 of them were eventually NFL draft picks (including 18 first-rounders). Of the 100 players who played in the game, 58 went on to play in the NFL.

            • Macallanlover

              They were excellent that year, especially Miami, but if you deny inclusion of conference champs you always leave open a legit argument…especially the SEC Champ. Particularly at the end of the year, I think we would have taken Ohio down consistently, they had some nice breaks in a couple of games, including the game against Miami. You just never know when they play such a soft schedule every year. Only facing 1-2 teams a year with comparable athletes is very different than what SEC teams face with nine conference opponents through the SECCG. I have never seen an Ohio schedule in any year that met that standard. And that isn’t saying they might not be the best but they didn’t go through the same test.

        • According to espn.com, the week 11 (WLOCP week) polls had the following rankings:

          #5 UGA (8-0)
          #6 tOSU (9-0)

          USA Today
          #4 tOSU (9-0)
          #5 UGA (8-0)

          The BCS at the time used both polls in the calculation. UGA at 13-0 goes likely goes in over tOSU at 12-0. It would have been nice to find out.

        • Hobnail_Boot

          We would’ve been in, and would’ve gotten our doors blown off by Miami.

      • Jack Fu

        I know it’s fashionable to crap all over the Big Ten in general and Ohio State specifically, and people crapped all over both throughout the 2002 season. But OSU beat 7 bowl teams that year, and the teams they beat went 5-2 in their bowl games. The Big Ten itself went 5-2, with six of their seven teams vegas underdogs going into the games (the only favorite, ironically, was Penn State, one of the two teams that lost).

        • My point is that at the end of 2002, we were playing better than any team in the country. Miami gave up 35(?) to Virginia Tech the last weekend of the season. Ohio State had Craig Krenzel at QB. Yes, they had Clarett and a good defense, but I would have taken my chances with either team in Phoenix if we had the chance.

    • Red Dawg

      If there was ever a “if you could buy ‘em at what they are worth and sell ‘em at what they think they are worth” conference that would be the one…………………….bring this man a beer and put it on my tab