What’s better than a Congressional hearing on college football players?

Why, two hearings, of course.


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  1. Deutschland Domiciliary Dog


    From the Latin “poly,” meaning many.

    And “ticks,” meaning blood-sucking insects.

    Doesn’t matter what continent you are on, either.


  2. Well, hell, if a Republican gets to hold a hearing then a Democrat gets to hold one too, right? Just like when my sister and I were little and if SHE got some jellybeans then I had to get some, and if I got more jellybeans than she did SHE had to get some more, and on and on…


  3. Scorpio Jones,III

    “None of the inquiries led to changes.”

    The only way a congressional inquiry…or two…or three…or ten, will have any substantive impact on the NCAA is if Mark Emmert does something to piss off the NRA…now that would get them boys stirred up.


  4. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Seems like the timing is lousy with O’Bannon about to go to trial and the prejudice this could create. However, it is an election year and there’s nothing like all the free publicity available from a congressional hearing on a topic that really interests the public. See DDD’s definition of politics posted above.


  5. John Denver is full of shit...

    How much does a ‘reading specialist’ at the University of NC make anyways? And if you have to relate to players that can hardly read, how good a reader do you have to be?
    This career was never mentioned in college.


  6. uglydawg

    Cut congressional pay in half. Establish a two term limit. Pass a law requiring any contact with any lobbyist be published in major newspapers and in the electronic media within 24 hours…and we might get some patriots who care about solving the nation’s problems in a decent and honest way.
    Our school board members (county) are unpaid and do more and better work than the clowns in congress and the clown in the Whitehouse.


    • Dog in Fla

      I can’t figure out what Obama’s problem is


    • Hackerdog

      All more rules do is punish those who follow the rules and reward those who are practiced at breaking/circumventing them. See UGA and Alabama.

      Repeal all political regulations and increase the size of the House of Representatives from 435 to around 5,000. Also, repeal the 17th amendment and let senators get back to representing states, rather than nation-wide special interest groups.


  7. Mayor

    Senator–you’re on that committee, right?


  8. fatman48

    It is quite apparent that they DON’T know anything about running a country, what makes them think they know about college football ? Anything the government gets involved in ends up so screwed up, its bad enough we have the NCAA (National Association of Clowns & Cut-ups)


    • John Denver is full of shit...

      Their incentive is to get re-elected, not to fix things.


      • Mayor

        Well, they ARE committed to fix things–their own re-election, the elections of other members of their respective parties, votes on the floor for pork-barrel projects etc.