Food fight!

Honestly, I don’t know whether to be depressed or amused by this.

Three hours of the Big 12’s spring meetings in Phoenix this week were spent talking about food.

Yes, food.

Since everything else with the NCAA is cumbersome, you didn’t think the “unlimited” meals plan passed last month would be easy, right? Athletic directors are supportive of the reform, but some wonder if the plan needs guidance.

“If not better defined this is far bigger than bagels, nutrition bars or smoothies,” Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione said. “It leaves the interpretation open to all kinds of abuse.”

One thing I’m not is surprised. This is what you get when you have a perverted economy – you can’t compensate players directly, so the money flows to peripheral areas to attract talent.

Another safe bet: Costs will be significant, which means another inherent arms race could be on the way.

Kansas State’s John Currie outlined his enhanced meal plan that will likely cost between $600,000 and $1 million annually.

And it doesn’t even sound that extreme – snacks in the training room, post-workout shakes, 3-to-4-hour dining availability six days a week, access to food service after workouts, in addition to meal stipends or nightly dining hall already available.

There’s no fixed cost with this, so in theory Texas or Alabama or Oregon can spend $5 million if they choose.

If?  Okay, now I am amused.

They’re on the verge of bringing Willie Williams’ wet dream to reality.



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9 responses to “Food fight!

  1. Dank Jankins

    Never read the Willie Williams diary before. The comment about Auburn is priceless…
    Auburn: ”The girls at the party were much better than the farmer girls we’d see all day around campus,” Williams said. “I was kind of worried all Auburn had to offer was those farmer girls that talked funny. But the girls at the party weren’t farmer girls at all. I thought they must have bused them in from Miami.


  2. DawgPhan

    Alabama is already setting up one of those eat sushi off a naked lady bars in their training room.


  3. CannonDawg

    Picture this five years down the road: Disgruntled food service workers at LSU are caught stealing food and are reprimanded in accordance with the NCAA’s 3,000 page food-service bylaws. Sympathetic workers at other schools unionize and strike. Meanwhile, hungry, unionized players take a vote and also strike. The NCAA investigates, expressing concern over the student-athletes’ well being.

    Tennessee brings in 72-year-old nutrition expert Suzanne Somers for player counseling. Florida buys a shrimp boat. Alabama buys a food distribution company. Herschel sells his Athens restaurant to UGA for the athletic department’s exclusive use. Vanderbilt ditches football. Auburn buses in girls.

    And the NCAA investigates . . .


  4. Skeptic Dawg

    At this point in time, I want UGA to pack up and ditch the SEC. Drop down to whatever conference makes the athletic department and university president happy. Run for the hills. According to many on this site, the Dawgs are not fully committed to winning on any field or court. So why remain luke warm? (I know the answer is $$$). But why enter a losing proposition? Knowing that UGA will be out spent, out bid, and defeated before they begin, what’s the long term upside for the athletic department? Why not ride off to greener pastures upon the moral high horse, play an “Ivy League” schedule against like minded schools, and trumpet the academic glories of a grand Southern university?


  5. AusDawg85

    Auburn…always thinking of the children…has added a “Dollar Salad Bar” outside the weight room. Grab a plate, and then choose from $20’s, $10’s and $5 bills, add quarters for texture, and top with a Benjamin for garnish. Mmmmm….tasty!


  6. ASEF

    Where the Georgetown’s women lacrosse team ate last night.