Fun and games

Just when I thought I’d heard everything, here comes Shaq Wiggins’ explanation for his departure:

“I am looking for a team who will embrace my personality, someone who is a jovial, carefree and a bit of a jokester but who knows when to put jokes aside, get focused and become a true competitor, especially when on the field.

Last season must have been a lot more interesting behind the scenes than we thought.


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    I’m sure NFL scouts will be impressed with his joking ability since he’s not good at covering receivers.

  2. Last season must have been a lot more interesting behind the scenes than we thought.

    Yeah, must have. For a number of reasons, I’m sure.

    Like I said, both before and after Grantham’s departure, this team was headed straight down the toilet bowl. And almost all of it was related to the defensive side of the ball.

  3. Timphd

    There is no “I” in TEAM but to Shaq it sure sounds like there is a “ME”.

  4. AthensHomerDawg

    “I am looking for someone who will embrace my personality, someone who is a jovial, carefree and a bit of a jokester but who knows when to put jokes aside and get focused..”
    I just know I have heard that line somewhere before…


    Well isn’t that special!

  6. while this clearly hurts in the depth dept. I can’t help but think this truly is addition by subtraction. . The dawgs will be better without this kind of mindset than with him. It reminds me of why Coach Dooley tried to stay away from suburban Atlanta kids….. because they had just this sort of entitlement attitude…kind of too cool to buy in to the program .Shaq was Kell HS ,right?
    I don’t know where he ends up but it’s probably in the State of Alabama. He better not go to Alabama State because whatever it is they feed those kids slows them down ….Crowell’s 40 time was just awful.

  7. Sorry ,read the posts out of order and now see that Wiggins is Sandy Creek not Kell that must have been Langley …either way I want to know if there are anymore Bailey relatives down in south east GA.

  8. Grafton

    Sounds like Shaq is trying to say “I want to work as little as possible and still be able to start on Saturdays.” That’s a great formula to being successful.

  9. Spike

    Thanks for stopping by the booth. Now, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

  10. Cosmic Dawg

    “Note to incoming UGA Freshmen: Do NOT super glue CJP’s scalp wax bottle to his desk. He does not think it is funny ATALL.

  11. Charles

    From now on the coverage scheme that leaves 10 yards of space from receivers at the line of scrimmage will be known as: “the whoopie cushion.”

  12. 3rdandGrantham

    CJP: “Shaq, there’s no I in team.”

    Shaq: “Ain’t no WE either. I’m out.”

  13. Mike Cooley

    Unbelievable. He wants a team to embrace his personality. I’m guessing if he ever has to have a real job he will want a boss who will do the same thing. Priceless. This is a product of a couple of decades worth of adults telling kids they are special. There are some hard lessons coming Shaq’s way.

  14. CannonDawg

    You’re looking for someone to embrace your personality? Might want to stay away from places like Parris Island and the defensive element of the GA football program.

    I’m feeling better about Jeremy Pruitt by the day.


  15. AusDawg85

    Thread hijack: Murray to KC ahead of McCarron and Mett. Good luck AM and may the haters kiss his *ss.

    • mg4life0331

      Yeah, I guess Ill watch them if he gets to play. I tried to pull for Detroit but that kinda fell through.

    • Where’s Mett’s man crush, Terry? Congrats to Aaron.

      • Macallanlover

        Perhaps the NFL could play a few games in the Spring when he is a much better QB than Murray.

        I did think he might go ahead of AM and AJ because of the love of all guys tall. Maybe the character issues tied to him of late actually played a role later in the draft (obviously didn’t matter at all in Round 1 with the Clown and Johnny Cash.)

        • mg4life0331

          That and it was rumored he turned in a diluted urine sample. It can’t possibly help regardless of the reason.

    • cube

      Haters? I’ve read and heard nothing but praise for him over the last year or so.

      • They didn’t crawl under their rocks until after the LSU game. They came back out after the Vandy game by saying it was time to get Mason experience since the season was lost. One AUC blog commenter continues to bash him wherever he hasn’t been banned. The troll Terry was on here on Thursday making trouble.

      • AusDawg85

        Go back to just before last season started and a few “experts” commented here that AM would not be drafted. One even quoted his “inside the NFL” source or some such nonsense. #remembertheTP

  16. W Cobb Dawg

    A while back I suggested Lakatos’s defensive backfield was the source of most of our off-field disciplinary, and on-field performance problems. Thank goodness he’s gone.

    I think we all agree with IveyLeaguer, in that had Grantham returned, the D would have been a dumpster fire of even worse proportions than 2013.

    • Cojones

      Disliked him returning last year. Excuses each week with no solution to the core communications problem. The “Fire Bobo” drivel took the fan spotlight off Grantham at the wrong moment otherwise many on here would have noticed much earlier and insisted on his head last year.

      I also blame his D problems on Murray’s draft status. Murray still gutted us close in spite of the leakage of points against him. Kansas is just another objective for Murray’s steel mind to conquer. It’s right up his alley. Too bad he couldn’t have swapped with McCarron and then joined about 6 Dawgs in Cincinnatti.

      • gastr1

        Come on, man. Murray didn’t go higher because he isn’t just smallish height-wise, he also has a small frame that makes it easy to bring him down in the pocket, and he didn’t show much, if any escapability in four years. When you compare him to Manziel and Wilson, you have to aslo consider the latter two for escapability (not the same as foot speed, mind you), throwing on the run, and arm strength (Manziel has two of the three, Wilson has all three). NFL don’t care about the defense.

        • gastr1

          (And before I get torched, I am huge fan of AM and look forward to seeing him in KC, where he will be in EXACTLY the right offense for him.)

  17. Doggoned

    Yes, it makes you wonder what kind of circus Grantham was operating under his big top.

  18. Cojones

    Shaq can join Jabari Hunt-Daze (a Tech LB that Hutson now doesn’t have to worry about this year) in their pursuit of mental and personality excellence.

  19. DawgPhan

    seems like everyone now loves pruitt the way they loved grantham when he started…ahh…spring, when every new coach is a golden god and every kid that decides this isnt the program for him is a worthless cancer who is the product of a generation of participation awards.

    He and Pruitt didnt mesh, doesnt mean he is a bad seed or needs a wake up call. he is doing like most adults do and just finding somewhere he does fit in.

    • FisheriesDawg

      Perhaps so, but it is hard to say what Shaq said (to a reporter, no less) and not come off sounding like, at best, a complete moron.

      • DawgPhan

        The statement is awkward, but it is the same dumb stuff that everyone says when they leave some place because they dont like their boss. Looking for a better fit, looking to get some difference experience, all the stuff that you say instead of burning bridges and telling them you think your boss is a brain dead idiot.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Unlike Grantham, Pruitt has a very impressive resume (albeit somehat short) to wave under any doubter’s nose. You would think those championship rings Pruitt owns would make a small impression on any DB considering a change. So I think you’re correct – appears CJP told jokster Wiggins to take his act elsewhere.

  20. Dawg19

    Imagine a player saying this to Bear Bryant, Vince Dooley, or especially Erk Russell…

  21. Reservoir Dawg

    ’cause I can’t believe nobody has already posted this…

  22. Lrgk9

    We have a place for those who don’t ‘Buy In’ and ‘Get It’ and that place is the bench. And if your 18-19 year old ego can’t handle the truth of that – you may use any accessible exit door…