Are the Chiefs trolling part of our fan base?

John Dorsey, their general manager, on their fifth-round draft pick:

“He’s a winner,” Dorsey said. “He’s been a winner at every stage that he’s played between high school and college. [He’s] ultracompetitive and smart. What I like about him is when there are big drives to be made late in the game, this guy made those drives. He didn’t always win them, but he made those big drives at the end when it really counted. If you want to put some statistics in there, he’s got multiple records in the SEC, which is as good a conference as there is in today’s football. He performed at a very high level.”

Obviously, this is a man who never watched any G-Day tapes.


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20 responses to “Are the Chiefs trolling part of our fan base?

  1. Obviously that GM didn’t know that Mett was taller too.😉

    Glad for Murray, I think it is a good fit. I confess it brought a smile to my face that he went before Mett and McCarron. Wish him the best and I’ll be rooting for him at KC.

  2. Cojones

    Going further, Senator, do we expect that there is another consistent supportive fan base for Murray other than gtp ? While several have objectively scrutinized his earlier warts, by and large, the positive side of Murray has been accentuated here. Reckon the GM got the honest info here? Just a thought.

    • Dog in Fla

      I, for one, would be very disappointed if NFL talent scouts did not rely on the settled science of our opinions about players. After all, we are who they said we are.

  3. His game against AUB last year was the perfect microcosm of Murray’s time at UGA. Did all he could do only to see his defense screw him over.

    • Normaltown Mike

      And he got throttled but somehow walks away fine.

      Kid seemed to be made of rubber for most his career.

    • D.N. Nation

      Don’t forget a certain section of the fanbase posthumously somehow blaming Bobo because we didn’t score on every possession in the first half. (Grantham, though? Hey, stuff happens, and the defense got three stops in a row* at one point! Clearly the man should be made HC, pronto.)

      • One of those stops, two Auburn players friggin ran into each other on 3rd down.
      • 81Dog

        Imagine how good Murray could have been if everyone’s grandmother watching the game couldn’t tell you EXACTLY what play Bobo was going to run every time we were on offense.


        I think maybe Muschamp should have considered hiring one of those grandmas to be his defensive coordinator three years ago. Or maybe Les Miles should have dumped Chavis last summer. I’m just sayin’….

  4. Mayor

    Murray’s in good shape in KC. That team runs an O similar to UGA’s and while the Cheifs already have 3 QBs, the guy Murray has to beat out to keep his job is Tyler Bray. Methinks Murray beats Bray out. The next guy up the ladder is Chase Daniel, formerly of Mizzou, who is actually shorter than Murray and not as good a passer. I think Murray finishes the season as the primary back-up to Alex Smith. Then there is the problem the Chiefs have with signing Smith. There is no guarantee Smith will be back. In a couple of years I believe Murray will be the man in KC.

    • Hackerdog

      The Chiefs didn’t draft Murray just to cut him. He’ll make the team this year. The question is whether they cut Bray or Daniel. If they sign Smith to a contract extension, they probably cut Daniel and save $1.4 million on cap space, which they need. If this is Smith’s last year, they let Bray go and turn to Daniel, Murray, or a free agent in 2015.

      • Mayor

        +1. That’s probably as good an analysis as I’ve heard, Hack. That would give Murray a year to win over the KC coaches. I think Murray is the starting QB or at least the primary back-up for the Chiefs by 2015.

    • Normaltown Mike

      “That team runs an O similar to UGA’s”

      Bobo’s crayon translates to the NFL?

      • 81Dog

        Every drunk in Oakland and Denver should be able to call the Chiefs’ next play on O. Or maybe UGA’s drunks are just smarter than NFL drunks.

    • AthensHomerDawg


  5. awreed79

    Obviously, John Dorsey doesn’t know anything about football.

  6. Doesn’t everyone know that Mett and Mason were definitely better talents than Murray? They just didn’t get the chance to prove it because Mark Richt is too nice and too much of Christian to be a winner.