“I sacrificed a lot to play for coach (Nick) Saban and that university.”

My first thought upon hearing that Aaron Murray and AJ McCarron were selected back-to-back in the draft Saturday was that their names would be linked together for some time.

But McCarron’s doing his damnedest to get separation.  Stay classy, kid.


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26 responses to ““I sacrificed a lot to play for coach (Nick) Saban and that university.”

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Yeah, it’s real tough considering Saban basically hand picked all the best talent in the country to play the other 10 positions on offense for you and you barely got your uniform dirty game in and game out. Roll D-bag!

  2. I don’t hate McCarron, I think he just needs some serious PR training. I’ll tell you the first thing that really rubbed me the wrong way about him……after that crazy ending to the Iron Bowl, he’s running down the sideline, smiling, kissing his mom, etc. It was like he was just trying to be above it all, while his teammates are having the reactions you would expect from having their hearts ripped out. I know on the one hand it could be construed as a guy just saying “I’ve had a great run, it was fun while it lasted, but now it’s over”. But his demeanor was just that of somebody who didn’t care at all, just ready to move on to the next phase of his career.

    It wouldn’t entirely shock me to see him find some success in the NFL, but I do think there was probably something to those reports of him rubbing people the wrong way. If he’ll swallow his pride a bit and learn from the veterans on his team, that will go a long way towards his success. Just remains to be seen if he’ll do that.

    • Bulldawg165

      I think those “rubbing people the wrong way” reports were a cover up for the real reason he didn’t get drafted higher. He’s just not that good.

      • Bazooka Joe

        Agreed… all the folks saying he is better than Aaron, etc… I have a simple test for them….. imagine this…. the UGA teams during Aarons time but with AJ instead of Aaron… yawn. Now, imagine the Bama teams during AJ’s time there with Aaron instead of AJ….scary.

  3. Bob

    Can you imagine Murray with all that surrounding talent on the O Line and the defense? Somehow, I think he would have managed more than one SEC title. And he might not have needed to make it to the National Championship Game by sitting home while another team played for the Conference title.

    • hot12dog

      Bob you will never see that talent at UGA as long as CMR is around!!!!

      • Macallanlover

        Boy, you really know a lot about football….are you a techie? Small sample but you seem to have that smell about you. One thing you are right about, you can get better talent if you sign an extra 25% of recruits every time. Something about seven mulligans can make you look better.

  4. McCarron has had the biggest chip on his shoulder the last 2 years. He had the platform with the WWL lovefest of the Alabama program to become America’s QB, but he just seems to have this complex about him. He seems to have this borderline paranoid complex that the “haters” are out to get him. I guess that’s what happens in Alabama where the Iron Bowl is a 24x7x365 obsession of the population.

    I’m so glad we had a guy like Murray as the face of the program where he was good on the field and a team first guy and a great ambassador for UGA off the field.

    • Yeah, this narrative of McCarron somehow being “disrespected” or an “underdog,” and his me-against-the-world attitude that seems to have resulted, are so ridiculous. You’re the star quarterback on a Nick Saban-coached team that’s probably got a higher profile than any in the country, and just for good measure you’ve got a smokeshow girlfriend everyone from Brent Musburger on down can’t stop drooling over. I’m supposed to feel sorry for you why, exactly?

      McCarron also did himself no favors by being so openly antagonistic toward Johnny Manziel, either. I mean, it was grating enough when all the ESPN talking heads took to their fainting couches and tut-tutted about what a horrible influence JFF was, but for McCarron to join in just made him look like a high-school Mean Girl with a serious jealous streak.

      • “high-school Mean Girl with a serious jealous streak”

        That gave me a smile on an early Monday morning🙂

        Also, I think Murray’s girlfriend gives Katherine a run for her money …

  5. Macallanlover

    I have nothing against McCarron, just felt he was a slightly above average QB caught in a situation where he could not help but succeed. Who can tell who might succeed in the NFL as a QB? Certainly not the scouts and GMs based on past drafts. Indistinguishable from Croyle until this last round of public gaffes, he undid some good work this weekend and dug himself a hole with his support team. He did not come across as a leader with those comments.

    My biggest surprise was how closely he was drafted to Murray, not saying who, if either, will do best, just saying Murray was the better college QB. I was also surprised to see how low Mettenberger went, seems to have more upside than that draft position would indicate. Can’t blame that on the character issues, look where Clowney went and he bailed on his entire team all last season and publicly made SOS look like a withered shell of his former self.

    • DawgPhan

      So when people succeed, they didnt do it by themselves, they had support from large institutions. Gotcha, comrade.

      • Bulldawg165

        Not even remotely close to what was implied

        • Macallanlover

          I thought it was hilarious, great example of 1) poor read comprehension skills, 2) lack of football knowledge, and/or 3) lousy character judgment. Me, Mr. Personal Accountability/Individual Opportunity guy in the Captain America suit who hates the whole “it takes a village” cop out; I can assure you that is the first time I have ever had that said about an opinion of mine. Of course, of all sports, football is more of a “village” sport than any other. Plenty of room for individual talent to shine but only rare exceptions where it doesn’t take a collaborative effort to succeed on every play.

          As to your comment about the effect of the ACL, I am sure that is a part of it but Murray has such a reputation of a gym rat and a person who applies himself 100% to succeed, that seems a bit much of a penalty. Plus, he looked great moving around a month ago during his Pro Day work out and he is unlikely to be asked to play much in his first year out regardless of who drafted him. I just think the whole “too short” stigma was over played, and again, I am not saying AM will make a big statement in the pros, just seemed like he was under valued based on what he has done and the type of character he brings.

          Another point on how ACLs are treated, look at the risk New England took with Easley who has already had an ACL tear in both legs before ever arriving in camp. And he plays a position where you are much more likely to get hit from the side of the leg on many plays per game.

    • Bulldawg165

      If Murray doesn’t tear his ACL there’s no way he’s picked back-to-back with McCarron.

  6. Moe Pritchett

    AJ “Mean Girl” McCarron…it does have a ring to it.

  7. Bulldog Joe

    It appears his fifteen minutes of fame is nearing its end.

    I hope he has a plan B.

  8. Doggoned

    Seems as though McCarron got caught up a bit in his own celebrity, which wasn’t all of his own making. I kind of feel for the kid; he’s now going to have to adjust to the real world. Murray will be fine, even if he doesn’t make it in the NFL. McCarron would seem to have a tougher road, for whatever reasons.

  9. Dog in Fla

    He’s supposed to have tattoo artists around him 24/7.

    “AJ doesn’t live his life or add to his tattoo for the approval of others….Before others want to make comments about AJ or anyone else, they should look to ensure they have their lives [and skyline tatts] in order first.” the relative, who is not Jameis’ dad, added.

    Before Queequeg reports to the Bengals camp, it is expected that his artists will add the skyline of the Alabama Drydock and Shipbuilding Company and the U.S.S. Alabama


    • WarD Eagle

      “He’s supposed to have tattoo artists around him 24/7”

      This might be the funniest thing I’ve read all week.

  10. hot12dog

    Many years ago another kid from Alabama was drafted by Green Bay and oh what a career he had. His Name — Bart Star. I like McCarron I think he will make it!