Time served.

Damn, Jimbo, you could at least make an effort here.

Heisman winner Jameis Winston will face no further punishment in football resulting from the celebrated crab legs incident, Noles coach Jimbo Fisher said Monday.

“He won’t,” Fisher told two reporters during the first day of the ACC spring meetings. “His punishment went through the school and through baseball.”

Fisher added that he didn’t consider penalizing Winston because, “He’s in baseball right now.” Noles baseball coach Mike Martin indefinitely suspended his closer after Winston was cited late last month for shoplifting crab legs at a local supermarket. Winston was reinstated after serving 20 hours of community service.

“If he would have been in football only, he would have been suspended from football activities only until we took care of all those things,” Fisher told reporters. “To him, that’s [missing baseball] just as devastating. To me too, I like baseball.”

So which program would have taken the hit if Jameis had lifted the crab legs for a July Fourth picnic?



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27 responses to “Time served.

  1. The other Doug

    FSU opens with Oklahoma State, so he would have to sit out the second game against The Citadel. Otherwise Jimbo would be punishing the team instead of Winston.


  2. Mayor

    That does it. Every UGA football player has to join another athletics team so that if he does something wrong that requires a suspension, that suspension can be served by sitting out the next (baseball, basketball, track, tennis, golf, wrestling, lacrosse, hockey, swimming, diving, soccer–you fill in the blank) event.


  3. uglydawg

    So you can do anything as long as it’s not during football season.
    This is as sad as it is outrageous. FSU, wake up and clean up while there is a shred of respectability left of your reputation.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    It’s none of the media’s business how FSU handles their internal discipline.


  5. Babyfarts McGeezax

    Anyone that is surprised at this should go sign up Jim Donnan’s investment strategies 101.


  6. Doggoned

    Very sad. Letting Winston skate for a third time (that we know of) isn’t helping the kid any. Down the road, I’m afraid, there’ll be a screw-up that he’ll have to face on his own. Stand by for a very rude awakening.



    I am sure Herby approves…


  8. garageflowers

    I don’t have a problem with him being suspended from baseball. Imagine the uproar if this had happened in October and they decided to suspend him from games of the upcoming baseball season instead of any football games. How is that different? With his history, the punishment should have been worse.


  9. South FL Dawg

    I think you have a good chance at getting your question answered directly by Jimbo. Four 4 incidents in 2 years. Between now and August I’d say it’s 50/50.


  10. Joe Schmoe

    How does UGA still catch shit about its discipline policies in the face of things like this? I know Claude Felton has won some awards, but I think our PR sucks.


    • Bulldog Joe

      It is the insane full media transparency policy within our athletic department. No other business in the country is run this way.

      We get what we deserve.


      • I don’t have a huge problem with not punishing twice for the same crime. He missed 3 baseball games, which is a decent punishment. What I have a problem with is even if he wasn’t on the baseball team, what Fisher is saying is he wouldn’t have missed any playing time at all in football. He just would have been suspended from football until he completed his community service. And since this happened in the offseason, he would have completed his community service well before the season started, and this would have been reinstated.


    • Hackerdog

      I think we’ve been conditioned to believe that, since UGA players are waterboarded for failing to use their middle names, or riding a scooter improperly, other schools should follow suit. Perhaps UGA is the school that should change its discipline policies.


  11. Q

    “To me too, I like baseball.” asshole


  12. Spike

    Gosh, Jimbo. That’s showing em who is boss.


  13. Hogbody Spradlin

    Where’s Church Lady when you need her?


  14. HVL Dawg

    As a poster said on the linked page, “Thank god he didn’t rape somebody, the lack of suspension would be really awkward in that case.”


  15. Thatguy

    A rather straightforward solution to this is to suspend the/any kid who commits a crime/violation of team rules/etc for his/her SCHOLARSHIP sport, pursuant to the university code of conduct.

    Hypothetically, Billy Bob gets caught smoking the sweet leaf in basketball season, where he’s on the team mainly to help keep in shape for football, which is where he derives his scholly from. Billy Bob is subject to whatever discipline the coach wants to throw out, but then, is ALSO punished to the tune of whatever the Athletic Department metes out for the xth offense during football season.