Will the last defensive back standing please turn off the lights?

This is getting comical.  Almost.

I sure hope the coaches know something about the cornerback situation we don’t.


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26 responses to “Will the last defensive back standing please turn off the lights?

  1. sixtyone

    Rush 11

  2. South FL Dawg

    Here’s my take – players don’t switch positions if they were in line for significant playing time, especially to a position that is stacked.


    Rest assured, the Coaches know something you don’t….

  4. Rival

    I hear they are moving Chris Mayes to CB.

  5. Castleberry

    Maybe we will play a 362 with six backers

  6. rampdawg

    Something tells me Fenteng, and the youngsters arriving in June are a lot better than the coaches are letting on.

  7. DawgPhan

    These kids are all entitled jerks just like everyone else in this participation award generation. How dare he try and enjoy changing positions. Can you imagine Bear Bryant allowing a player to try and surprise people with a position change. I would have given anything to play any position the coaches would let me and I would have never tried to have any fun with it.

    • cube

      Don’t you think that’s a bit of an overreaction? Especially considering the very little amount of information included here.

      Good fucking grief.

    • Hackerdog

      Exactly. We’re better off without all these “athletes” playing DB. We would be better off with 2-star kids who bleed red and black, use their middle names, and never possess any substances the government hasn’t given them permission to possess. Those are the kids you can coach up.

  8. Warden

    Don’t be surprised to see Malkom Parrish starting at CB against Clemson

    • Dawgaholic

      Parrish may immediately become the best player on campus not named Gurley or Floyd when he arrives in June. Best I’ve ever seen play HS ball and it’s not close. Guys that saw CW17 play thought they were comparable.

  9. Tim

    Who’s left at CB? Just asking.

    • TennesseeDawg

      On the roster who might play: Aaron Davis, Sheldon Dawson, J.J. Green, Swann & Wilkerson. Coming in Fenteng, Parrish, Jones

      • IMHO, somebody’s going to have to beat out Aaron Davis for one CB spot, and that’ll be tough to do. Of those you mention, I think Green and Davis can play. With new coaching and a new mindset, it’s likely that Swann can play.

        I suspect Wilkerson can play, and of course there’s hope for the incoming new guys. So we’re not destitute.

        Safety is another matter.

  10. charlottedawg

    Makes sense, Langley was really good at getting separation last year.

  11. IDK. I’ve been saying we recruit the wrong DB’s for about 8 years now. I think the track record backs that up, and I’m talking both corners and safeties.

    Could be Pruitt recognized that, and has been acting on it. It would sure explain everything. Maybe it wasn’t just Pruitt sending messages when the former starters ended up 2nd and 3rd team.

    Whatever is going on, I’m extremely confident the coaches know what they are doing. And that’s something you haven’t seen from me in 8 years.

  12. TennesseeDawg

    Our pass rush will be so good, we won’t even need any DBs next season

  13. Noonan

    Maybe Pruitt’s scheme is simple enough that a very athletic freshman db will have a good chance to perform.

    • Merk

      Another school in Fla seems to be able to start DBs/S as freshmen and have success with it.