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Bret Bielema is surprised about something that didn’t surprise anyone else.

C’mon, Bert.  You knew the job was dangerous when you took it.


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The rising cost of cupcakes

So how expensive are those appearance fees getting?  Pricey enough that the ACC is seriously considering this:

Some Atlantic Coast Conference schools are considering scheduling future nonconference games against — ironically — other ACC schools, league athletic directors and coaches told ESPN.com…

Because of the eight-game league schedule, non-primary crossover rivals in the Atlantic and Coastal divisions may only play each other once in an 11-year span. This prompted discussion at the ACC spring meetings about playing other ACC teams as nonconference opponents in future seasons.

Sucks for you, mid-majors.


UPDATE:  And before you ask…



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As Gurley goes, so goes Georgia?

Checking the online odds for the winner of this season’s Heisman Trophy, I notice that Todd Gurley is the only running back getting better than 10-1 right now.  He’s fourth overall, behind Winston, Mariota and Miller.

Now, I’m no fan of the Heisman and I doubt a running back’s chances to win it these days are that good (between the crab legs and his legs, my money’s on Mariota right now), but what I’m curious about is how far Todd Gurley can carry the Dawgs this year.  What kind of season will Georgia be having if Gurley remains a serious candidate for the Heisman throughout 2014?

My guess is a pretty damned good one, at least East Division champs and top five nationally going into the SECCG.  What say you guys?


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“We just can’t have that in college football. We won’t have it.”

It’s not that I’m surprised Bill Hancock keeps uttering total bullshit about the CFB postseason.

It’s just that I can’t believe people in the media are still willing to take his utterances at face value.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Trying to provide all the nourishment you need this morning…

  • Meet your dumbass of the day.
  • Northwestern’s AD is honest about it“There are some real positive residuals that have occurred from the conversation about unionization.”
  • On the other hand, it sounds like Kansas State hasn’t gotten the message yet.
  • You gotta love amateurism.
  • Here’s another missing kid from Georgia’s program.
  • Where does South Carolina go with the end of the crazy run of in state talent?  Spurrier’s got that program going nicely, so it’s probably not as big a deal as it might have been once.
  • Pat Dooley ranks the SEC schedules.  Georgia gets dinged for not playing Alabama or LSU, but no mention of same for the other two schools in the East with similar scheduling.
  • Dear Mr. Emmert…
  • For all that talk about power conference autonomy, it sure doesn’t seem like Division I is anywhere near ready to grant it.  The Big Ten is getting antsy about that.
  • The NCAA currently has no Division I major violations cases on its public database for the longest period without a completed major case since 1998.  No doubt that’s because every school in America has suddenly cleaned up its act.


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So that’s what a forty-inch vertical looks like.

Nick Chubb, ladies and gentlemen, Nick Chubb.

I’m looking forward to seeing him vault over a hapless defender in a game sometime.

More Dawg porn here.


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You know it’s good news for the NCAA when…

“NCAA spokeswoman Stacey Osburn said the association has no comment at this time.”

I’d hate to be Donald Remy’s dog right now.

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