Bret Bielema is surprised about something that didn’t surprise anyone else.

C’mon, Bert.  You knew the job was dangerous when you took it.


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18 responses to “Bret Bielema is surprised about something that didn’t surprise anyone else.

  1. 81Dog

    Well, golly. You guys don’t just expect Bert to admit he was overwhelmed by the difference in quality between life in the Big Integer and the home of Grown Man Football, do you?

    He probably could have taken Petrino’s leftovers and won 3 Rose Bowls if he had them at Wisconsin. Unfortunately for him, the SEC is a little deeper pool than the one in which he’s used to swimming.

    Good luck getting bowl eligible this year, Bert. Maybe you can import a few Kowalskis from cheddar country, but down here, there are 300 pound linemen who can outrun your Midwestern corn fed wide receivers.


  2. sectionzalum

    i bet his team just can’t wait to play hard for him this fall.


  3. Mayor

    Bert keeps talking about year 5: we’ll have a great year in year 5; we’ll have good personnel in year 5. Bert won’t be in Fayetteville in year 5.


  4. Dog in Fla

    If there is one thing you can say about John L. Smith, it’s that he’s known for having “a plethora of quarterbacks, wide receivers and offensive skill” and a “defense to have certain things in place.”

    “So, yes, Arkansas in 2012 is our Razorback submission as the biggest disaster in SEC history.”


    • Well Done

      Hogs were up by 21 near the end of the 3rd quarter when the wheels came off. I have a buddy who is a Arkansas alum. He liked to give me a lot of grief about our 2010 season. But 2012 was a fun year to be a Dawg.


      • Dog in Fla

        Apparently Bert did not study this film of the Hogs when they had a “defense to have certain things in place” like letting ULM score at will and count another SEC coup


  5. “it’s not a knock on our guys”

    except, that’s exactly what it is, BERT


  6. Gravidy

    I wonder if he’ll still be blaming his predecessor in Year 5.


  7. cube

    Bert, I wish you wouldn’t drink so much Bert.


  8. BMan

    Arkansas probably thought they were getting more of a coach, so it works out well for both.


  9. Lamont Sanford

    The Bert thing is killing me. Hilarious. Where did it come from?


  10. Bulldog Joe