Wednesday morning buffet

Trying to provide all the nourishment you need this morning…

  • Meet your dumbass of the day.
  • Northwestern’s AD is honest about it“There are some real positive residuals that have occurred from the conversation about unionization.”
  • On the other hand, it sounds like Kansas State hasn’t gotten the message yet.
  • You gotta love amateurism.
  • Here’s another missing kid from Georgia’s program.
  • Where does South Carolina go with the end of the crazy run of in state talent?  Spurrier’s got that program going nicely, so it’s probably not as big a deal as it might have been once.
  • Pat Dooley ranks the SEC schedules.  Georgia gets dinged for not playing Alabama or LSU, but no mention of same for the other two schools in the East with similar scheduling.
  • Dear Mr. Emmert…
  • For all that talk about power conference autonomy, it sure doesn’t seem like Division I is anywhere near ready to grant it.  The Big Ten is getting antsy about that.
  • The NCAA currently has no Division I major violations cases on its public database for the longest period without a completed major case since 1998.  No doubt that’s because every school in America has suddenly cleaned up its act.


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22 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Let’s just start calling Pat Dooley “Gainesville Gary” – he’s a shill for the UF program


    • uglydawg

      He never mentioned Georgia’s playing Auburn, saying only that Georgia missed LSU and Bama…But later referred to Auburn as “The runner up national champs” when reviewing South Carolina’s schedule.
      He’s a F I. Gator Sports, my ass.


    • Mayor

      I suddenly realized this after reading Dooley’s schedule synopsis: Missouri has the inside track to win the SEC East. UGA is going to have to beat Missouri at their place to win the division because nobody from the SEC West is going to (Mizzou plays Arky and a Johnny Football-less aTm) and the only other team in the East that would be likely beat the Tigers is USCe.


  2. Wow, this was the last I had heard of Moody:

    Congrats to him for straightening himself out, getting his degree, and giving himself a shot.


  3. Dog in Fla

    Stacey was available for a statement?!


  4. 3rdandGrantham

    Regarding twitter and the USF S&C coach, unless you’re using twitter strictly for business/marketing reasons, just don’t use twitter at all and leave it the heck alone. It can only hurt you, not help you, so why bother?

    Even if you think your twitter comment(s) are completely innocuous, someone else might find a way to get offended which can harm you both professionally and personally. A good friend of mine, who is in sales, was wrapping up a large purchase to a gov. agency last month that would have netted him a 35-40k commission check. A few weeks before the order was finalized, he made a twitter comment about his school’s college baseball team sweeping a main rival, and he just slightly gloated about it. Well the administrator whom he was selling to just happened to be an alum of that rival team and sure enough noticed his comments about the series. Obviously it irked him enough that the following morning he immediately canceled the large purchase and hasn’t returned phone calls since.

    Suffice to say my friend learned his lesson the hard way won’t dare use twitter ever again.


    • Normaltown Mike

      Good story.

      It’s also good to know that our faithful civil servants let twitter taunts on college baseball determine purchases made for John Q. Public.


      • Gravidy

        Surely you don’t think taxpayers were stuck with a higher bid because of a bureaucrat’s sports allegiance?!? (still need that eye-rolling emoticon)


      • Bulldawg165

        That was my take-away as well. No frickin way that happens in a private business. What a scumbag


        • 3rdandGrantham

          I’ve actually seen it in private business as well. Perhaps not quite that petty…but I’ve certainly seen my fare share of that stuff.


  5. Lamont Sanford

    When they levied the penalties against Penn State, they let players transfer without sitting out a year. That seemed fair considering the players had nothing to do with the wrongdoing. In the K-State situation, the AD decided that he had hired the wrong coach–and fired her. This girl had nothing to do with the ADs wrongdoing…so why is she punished? Doesn’t make sense.

    The rule should be changed to allow players to transfer without penalty for 1 year after their headcoach is fired. An AD would have to consider a mass exodus when firing a coach. Maybe that would slow ever faster firing/hiring of coaches in college sports. Feels like a win/win to me.


    • C.S.

      The rule should be changed to allow players to transfer without penalty for 1 year after their headcoach is fired.

      I’d go further than that. There’s simply no good reason for a transfer penalty at all.


  6. Gravidy

    Regarding that homeless Boise State signee… Does anyone know the technical definition of “booster” or “supporter”? Surely, every single person who’s ever bought a ticket to a BSU football game isn’t precluded from helping the guy out.

    How far does this insanity go? If a local church decided to give him some assistance, would it be illegal if any single member had ever attended a BSU sporting event?


  7. Macallanlover

    We were about to be labeled as a Boise booster in 2005 just for contributing money to fly one of their players’ father to Athens from Iraq to see his son play. Never underestimate the idiocy of NCAA rules and interpretations.


    • Dog in Fla

      Correct. One can never overestimate the idiocy of certain NCAA rules and interpretations thereof.


  8. 69Dawg

    NCAA = Nero. Hello your house is on fire!!!!!


  9. The984

    We get dinged for not playing Alabama or LSU? Are we not playing the defending SEC Champion and a national title game participant?