Mike Gundy is a man with more time on his hands.

This is going to sting a little.

Oklahoma State’s football program is taking an APR hit.

And a practice time hit.

Falling just short of the NCAA’s enhanced minimum APR requirement – by nine-one-hundreds of a point – OSU will lose one practice day per week in the coming season. That was the penalty imposed by the NCAA, revealed Wednesday; one preferable to a loss of scholarships or, worst case, postseason eligibility.

Finally, something T. Boone Pickens couldn’t buy.


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  1. sniffer

    It’s best for the kids. They spend that time in the library, right?


  2. South FL Dawg

    Except that 1 day of practice time was supposed to be 4 hours, but the NCAA has agreed to let Okie State lose just 2 hours. Selective enforcement, NCAA style.


  3. Phillip Beggs

    one of the more interesting articles I have ever seen on OK State was back in the lead up to the LSU/Bama rematch. they made a big point of not using the entire 20 hours a week. practices were very short and scripted. So they may be the team least affected by this particular sanction.


  4. Well Done

    Finally, something T. Boone Pickens couldn’t buy.
    It’s not like it hasn’t been done before.
    “Miami has one rouge booster (a convicted ponzi schemer) telling stories and they get a 3 year investigation.

    Oklahoma State has 60 people telling the same stories (including academic fraud and coaches interviewing women to sleep with recruits) and it’s just going to be a “public relations hit” for the school?”


    • Dog in Fla

      Correct. The prior good works of I’m A Man led to the reduction in hard-time sentencing from 4 hours to 2 hours

      Allegations of Misconduct

      “In September 2013, Sports Illustrated published a series of articles as part of an investigation beginning with Les Miles’ tenure as head coach at Oklahoma State from 2001 and continuing through Gundy’s tenure as head coach in 2011. The allegations concerning Gundy included involvement in a bonus system for players along with direct payments [no bags needed] and no-show [not pumping oil and gas] or sham jobs involving boosters, continuing diminished academic standards including players playing who were otherwise academically ineligible such as having players’ school work done by so-called tutors and other school personnel [is that wrong?], tolerating widespread drug abuse [take me higher] among the players by continuing a sham drug counseling program [Pharoahs] and selective drug enforcement [how unusual], and also purportedly like Miles, personally interviewing hostess candidates for the Orange Pride hostess program [Sister Program: University of Tennessee] and facilitating some hostesses having sex with prospective recruits [how awesome is that]. In response to the allegations, Gundy stated: “I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished here, both on and off the field [rimshot]….Les [You Can Leave Your Hat On] Miles generally denied [ennui] any wrongdoing during his time as head coach at OSU.” (wiki amirite)



    Who enforces chit like this?


  6. Macallanlover

    Question on the APR formula, do you still get dinged for players that enroll but do not graduate, even if they are dismissed from the team or transfer? I get the graduation rate (and progress toward that goal) being a significant factor for those who stay in school but to get penalized for having disciplinary standards seems to reward the wrong programs. So we get hurt on the field, and in the educational measurement, if we boot a bad guy? I do hope they have changed that.

    Similar complaint for prima donnas who transfer to because they can’t earn playing time, just doesn’t seem that should reflect on how well you are doing with the education side of things. Maybe it has been modified, if so, I apologize for bringing it up.


  7. AthensHomerDawg

    I noticed that the 4.0 students recognized during graduation fromTerry Business College were all young ladies. H/T to the ladies. Nice that the men’s golf team contributed a perfect score to our APR! Go guys! Did not see a score from the equestrian team. I didn’t see them mentioned at all. Curious.