“Well, as per NCAA rules, we asked for permission…”

“… to visit with (Carter), but unfortunately that permission was denied by Georgia Tech…”

Yeah, that one’s a basketball call, but I see no reason the Tech AD’s logic – if you want to call it that – wouldn’t apply in a football setting:

“Our practice has typically been to (not grant permission) to the ACC schools and anybody you play in a given sport every year,” he said. “We play Georgia every year. This is not something which is so much a Georgia thing as it is we compete against them every year. That’s a pretty standard industry-wide practice.”

In his transfer, Carter was restricted from transferring either to Georgia or another ACC school. Given that he would have to sit out two years if he were to transfer to another ACC team, it’s essentially a restriction against Georgia.

Still, Bobinski said, the policy is not airtight. If an athlete were transferring due to a coaching change or if there were extenuating circumstances such as a family situation, the school would be willing to adjust the restriction list. However, “none of that applies in this case,” Bobinski said.

That is why he didn’t see Georgia’s 2009 release of Daniel Miller from his letter of intent in order to play at Tech as comparable. Miller left Georgia due to a coaching change, Dennis Felton’s firing, and had yet to play.

“It’s a completely different deal,” Bobinski said. “Robert’s been a big part of our program for two years.”

Um… if it’s “a pretty standard industry-wide practice” to block a player from transferring to a school you face every year, then what difference does it make whether the kid’s suited up for you yet?

Again, the fault here lies more with the bullshit transfer protocol than anything else.  The NCAA is enabling Georgia Tech to behave as it is.  Also, again, it sucks for Carter more than anyone.  But players don’t need a union or some other way of making their voices heard, right?


UPDATE:  I know you’ll be shocked, shocked to learn that Mark Bradley has weighed in with another classic piece, entitled “Tech won’t let Carter go to UGA, and I understand”.  That he manages to do so without taking even a moment to consider the situation from the player’s standpoint – it’s all about this:  “It’s bad enough when a guy leaves your program; it’s worse when you have to face him.” – is about what you’d expect.  But it’s not even the dumbest point he makes.  This is:

Surely Georgia would have gnashed its canine teeth if LSU, working behind the former Bulldog Zach Mettenberger, had held its late lead in Sanford Stadium last fall. (Mettenberger had been dismissed from the football team and wound up in Baton Rouge after a JUCO stint.) It’s no fun seeing a guy who accepted your scholarship and wore your uniform playing against you.

Did Bradley miss the Auburn game?  And what difference does that make to Robert Carter, Jr.’s future, anyway?



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23 responses to ““Well, as per NCAA rules, we asked for permission…”

  1. Deutschland Domiciliary Dog

    Any kid capable of receiving a college education realizes how rooked he is by one-sided NCAA transfer rules. Not to mention the fact that scholarships are terminable and non-renewable by the institution at no cost to the institution.

    So much for that level playing field for student-athletes the NCAA supposes it has duped the public into believing it’s created.


  2. I Wanna Red Cup

    But don’t they do everything for the good of the children? Chickin stinkin yaller jackets must be punished by CMR and CMF


  3. Jim Donnan

    If only Tech had this rule in 1998…


  4. cube

    He’s lucky they aren’t cutting off one of his fingers as compensation for leaving. Kids today are lazy and don’t appreciate anything.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    My opinion on this issue is exactly the same as transfer issues that do not involve Georgia: it’s bullshit, plain and simple. Players deserve the opportunity to compete where they want. I’m proud of the way Mark Richt handles transfers, even if it came back to bite him in the Auburn game last year (and I personally don’t believe it did… Auburn didn’t beat Georgia because of Nick Marshall). I hope all Georgia teams follow Coach Richt’s lead.

    The fact that it’s Georgia Tech displaying the streak of cowardice and screwing over a student athlete only makes me hate it more.


    • I agree that I like how Richt handles it, but Richt’s policies didn’t have anything to do with Marshall ending up at AU. Once a kid transfers to a JUCO, the school they transferred from has no power over where they go after JUCO.


  6. 202dawg

    If you skeered, Bobinski, SAY you skeered…


  7. The NCAA wants to tell us that this is just a game that helps kids get scholarships while competing in a sport. Bullshit transfer rules like this expose the realities of market competition between institutions and how kids are just pawns in the system. If education was the primary point here, what the hell difference does it make what school they choose to go to and play for?


  8. Bulldawg165

    Can’t he technically just go JUCO for a year and then go wherever he wants after that? Similar to Cam Newton and Nick Marshall?


  9. Is It September yet?

    ADGM should have reminded him of Daniel Miller.


    • 202dawg

      Did you even read the article?


    • Lamont Sanford

      He did. Specifically. Solid argument too. Kudos to Bobinski for keeping it classy. This coupled with the way PJ handles committed players taking official visits make them seem like a bunch of whiny bitches.


  10. Nate Dawg

    I wish this article would get more national play but I doubt it will. If so, it might shine more light on these “transfer” rules but more importantly expose those inferiority complexed assholes.


  11. Mayor

    The kid is from Snellville, literally next door to Athens. He wants to transfer to be closer to his family and so they won’t have to fight Atlanta traffic to see him play. Sounds like a hardship to me. NCAA–what say you? Appeal?


  12. John

    Wouldn’t the bigger program rather say, yeah go to UGA and we’ll try to beat your ass the next time we play you?


  13. Trbodawg

    So, GT denies us permission to talk to him, but could he approach us?